Tennis Thread

No pity party for the guy faking Covid for medical exemptions but if I was him I would just voluntarily leave and say ‘fuck you’ on the way out.

Lol how’s the conspiracy theorists thinking he faked getting covid, that’s not even part of the discussion in court.

Covid really isn’t hard to catch dude, I’m sitting comfortably at home with it now :smiley:

I hope the exposure on this with a famous person shows how inhumane and stupid many immigration processes are in the world.

The use of detention etc. Leaving people in limbo is not cool

Funny how lots of the people cheering it for Djokovic are the same people that protest it for refugees :thinking:

I find it hilarious that people are trying to liken the multi millionaire global sport star Djokovic inability to get into Australia to compete for millions of dollars to that of refugees lol

I’m just looking at people as humans mate, not sure what’s hilarious about that.


No that was caused by Aussie going on his beer run after Covid entered his household!! :wink:

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Take that Vax hesitators

Hopefully he refuses to ever play there again.


I hope he sues the executives who misinformed him

I hope the Russian chap who is going to take his place has enough match practice

Ultimately a political decision from Australia.

They couldn’t afford to let an unvaccinated sports star play, whilst they impose never ending boosters mandates and restrictions on its citizens.

Now they can go a step further on the tyranny ( if that’s possible ) and say see we don’t care who you are, you must have your 8th booster to work in 2024.

For me it’s not even about Novak although I do love him, he is just going to get on a plane still be a hundred millionaire and will still retire the :goat:.

This country though ? Yeah I’m concerned what future the next few years holds.

That’s all I’ll say on it.


Funny how lots of the people up in arms about immigration rules when it affects white millionaire Djokovic don’t give a shit when it’s poor brown refugees fleeing war or famine.

See, we can both play that game and spin it that way if we want.

Have you ever been up in arms about the plight of poor refugees trying to get into Australia and how they’re treated? Or do you only care when it’s your favourite sports star who you really want to see win a few matches of tennis?

Difference being, those laughing at Djokovic are laughing at a lying dickhead millionaire who doesn’t care about jeopardising other people’s health. On the opposite side, people are crying over the millionaire and how he’s being treated yet dont don’t give a shit about desperately poor people fleeing war and trying to find safe haven in Australia (or any other rich western nation).

I know which group I’d rather be in. Of the two hypocrisies, which do you think is more shameful?


I said that’s all I’ll say on it mate, so go take your left wing political bullshit to the politics thread and discuss it with someone that cares :smiley:.

Unless of course you have some opinions on the Australian open ?


:joy::joy: love it


Lmao, you’re the one who brought refugees into it and made it explicitly political in that respect. You just don’t have a valid counter to what I’ve said because your point was shit.


You call out AM Exile for being a sycophant for merely LIKING other people’s posts, yet this is the kind of arse licking you come out with :rofl:


You legit wouldn’t know my opinion on refugees :joy:.

Anyways who you think on the Mens and Womens side ??

Personally I’d like to Zverev break his duck or a young stud like Sinner or Felix win.

Womens side is pretty wide open, anyones guess who will take it out.

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You couldn’t make it up :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: