Tennis Thread

Nadal kinda went out with a whimper, no? Great third set by both men, but there was no doubt who would win the fourth.

Djokovic was already ahead, but this solidifies his claim.

Looked like he was nursing an injury

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Boo hoo

The fuck you on about? You missed the bit with the left ankle then?

Huge for Djokovic this, if he wins on Sunday he’ll probably have the most slams by the time the 2022 AO is done.

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Maybe. Rafa definitely third tho.

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The third set last night was as good as it gets. A real shame it seemed to take all the fight out of Rafa for the fourth though.

Every time I want to start to like Djokovic he annoys the hell out of me with his endless ball bouncing as he slows the rhythm of the points for his opponents. Have to admire his will to win though and taking out the king of clay was a very impressive performance.

Will be interesting tomorrow to see the best of the new versus old generation. I think Djokovic probably still has enough to edge it but it’s very hard to be sure.

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Nadal does that too tbf. I fucking wish Federer would do that sometimes.

It looked like there was more ball bouncing from Djok than actual tennis last night :joy:

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Just switched the tennis on, Djokovic 2 sets down in the final. You love to see it.

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This game right now is ridiculous.

And he’s back

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Novak was always going to come back. Iron will. This is his legacy. Road to GOAT

Tsitsipas’ first serve % in the last two sets must be trash.


Absolutely amazing, the mental strength is on another planet

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Djokovic coming from two sets down to win the final. I do not love to see that.

I really do feel for Stefanos, two sets up and to lose it will be world shattering.

He’s a future slam winner in my eyes but the mental of Djokovic is damn near unmatched, he’s now the first of the three to win all slams at least twice and the first to beat Nadal and win the French.

All this from being sets down against Nadal and Tsitsipas, incredible.


It is unmatched. He controlled that match from the first break in the third set.
Kid kept digging deep but was just broken down when hope seemed to rise in him.
Fitness levels of Djokovic as well are unparalleled. 5 hours 40 and still had reserves in the tank.

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I really don’t like him but he is something else.

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Novak has really solidified his legacy. Beat the clay king and then come back from 2 sets down to win the final.

He’ll end up with 25 slams and be the GOAT. Doesn’t have Federer’s elegance, doesn’t have Nadal’s court charisma, but he’s just so fucking good. Mentality of a fucking robot, inhuman belief to fight back.

I’m a convert. He will be the greatest.