Tennis Thread

That’s number four for Osaka.

Brady made a poor mistake on set point in the 1st set, was absolutely curtains from that point on.

Djokovic takes the first 7-5.

Medvedev’s fume lost him those last few games of the second set.

The Pro-Djokovic supporters are making themselves heard which can’t be helping his temperament. The length time it takes for Djokovic to serve is winding him up too.

Djokovic is putting on a clinic, best returner the game has ever seen.

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Why do the Australian crowd seem to love Djokovic more than any other crowd?

A fair few of the Melbourne Serbian contingent in the arena tonight.


I really don’t like Djokovic but his standing in the game is irrefutable. He’s either the best ever or the second best.

Djoko-whoo ?

Djoko-whaa ?


My FUCKIN BRUDDA :serbia::serbia::serbia:

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Gunning for the :goat: status

Dominating win, these younger guys still ain’t ready.

Man that crowd was hilarious tonight, boos echoing throughout the arena when the Victorian government got mentioned.

Anyways yeah @Darkseid, I think he’ll win the most slams when all is said and done.

I was wondering why they were booing her, she dealt with it well.

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She did handle it well.

She got booed the first time when mentioning vaccines.

Then the 2nd time when thanking the Victorian government.

I don’t understand what they were booing. Is the roll out of vaccines not popular in Australia? Or is it because Djokovic is anti-vaccine, so they’re just supporting him? Lol

A fair chunk are anti mandatory vaccines here ( including myself ) they’re saying the vaccine won’t be mandatory though, although it’ll be interesting to see how restricted you are if you don’t take it.

As for the boos hard to if it’s that, or if it’s just in support of Novak lol…

Djokovic has equaled Federer’s weeks at no 1 as of today, will overtake him March 8.