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Djokovic has won 14 slams in the last 10 years, discounting RG :poldi:

Love Rafa, really happy for him. Want him to end up the GOAT but his inefficiency on Wimbledon and Australian Open especially will always be held against him. Gotta be the Australian weather he can’t cope with.

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Djokovic is the dominant one out of the three currently, so you imagine he will pick up the most slams over the next 2-3 years. 5 out of the next 12 sounds hugely achievable for him barring a serious injury.

I’m not sure if Federer has another slam in him (fuck he really should have won Wimbledon this year). On the other hand, Nadal will keep cleaning up at RG with Djok favourite for the other 3 majors.

Think both Nadal and Djok will overtake Federer, particularly if these 2 carry on playing for another 4/5 years like Fed has managed.

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Wimbledon was tragic miss frankly… had that match.

Agree Fed I suspect is done in terms of GS now - he is amazing, but age catches up to all of us.

Nadal will get at least one more French… Djok if he can stay healthy can challenge that number as well… I still rate Fed over Nadal given that such a high preponderance of his dominance was on clay, but all 3 of them are ridiculous.

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Shout out for Bianca Andreescu powering out Serena Williams at the U.S. Open on Saturday.

I’m prepared for someone to tell me the comparison is shit, because frankly I’m not all that knowledgeable about tennis… But I tend to view the Federer vs Nadal chat as being similar to Messi vs Ronaldo.

Federer is tennis’ Messi imo, the genius who is a joy to watch, the guys who are basically sporting artists. Nadal is Ronaldo, also fucking brilliant but with that perhaps owing more to being an absolute physical specimen.

Like Messi, I’ll always view Federer as being the :goat:, regardless of if his rival(s) manage to pick up a few more trophies/grand slams by the end of all their careers.


Nah he’s won international tournaments for his country unlike Messi.

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Messi won Olympic gold and an U20 World Cup in fairness.

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Whenever I watch old Federer matches it reminds me everytime of why he is the GOAT for me. Aesthetically his game is so easy on the eye and has such variation to it.



First time in 20 years or so that 4 players aged 23 and under have made the last 4 of a masters series event. Medvedev and Zverev will contest the final.

And Daniil sweeps the floor with Zverev. Zverev just didn’t turn up today. Too many errors, double faults at crucial moments. Made it easy for Daniil, who looked very comfortable. Have to say, he is in terrific form and I hope he can keep this going and truly challenge the top 3.

As for Sacha, he needs to work on his mental toughness. He has the talent but just keeps floundering at the final hurdle time and time again. I’d like to see him, Tsitsipas, Thiem and Medvedev take over thr reigns in men’s tennis in the next year or so.

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Andy Murray wins an ATP 250 Final in Antwerp beating Stan Wawrinka in the final, significant win for Andy given it looked like he was going to retire due to injury.

Djokovic wins Paris to close within 640 points of Rafa Nadal on this years race. Hopefully Nadal is fit for the world tour finals in London so we have an intriguing end to the season.

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Djokovic looked imperious despite being under the weather.

Like you say hopefully Nadal makes the finals, will be poorer without him. I’ll be there, can’t wait.

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Alexander Zverev, absolute mental midget in slams but can play anyone off the court on his day in masters 1000s and end of season finals @Darkseid

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Haha, such a weird case is Zverev, amazing performance tonight.

I’ll be going on Wednesday to see Nadal vs Medvedev, hopefully it’s shades of the US Open final.

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Big time tournament from Thiem so far defeating Federer and Djokovic in consecutive matches.

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The ferocity of his shots were out of this world, amazing performance from Thiem, finally is starting to become an all court player.

With that said Djokovic had his chance in the final set tie breaker, had two double mini breaks and couldn’t find his serve. Nadal may end up year number 1 now.

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How was the Nadal vs Medvedev game @Darkseid? Just seen the scoreline and it looks like it may have been an absolute corker.

Just seen that Medvedev led 5-1 in the 3rd :grimacing:. Big win for Nadal that, means irrespective if he goes out in the group stage Djokovic has to win the tournament to finish no 1.

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Great match but Medvedev chocked in the end, had it on his racquet with two service games to serve it out and was broken consecutively by giving away cheap errors again and again. Nadal lived dangerously but you can never count him out, can come back from almost anything.

Has to sting for him as he’s now effectively out.