Tennis Thread

No doubt but it’s still spectacular to see a man on the verge of 38 doing this.

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You’re right. Djokovic will win at a canter.

Prefer Nadal to both of these, though.

Fo sure man, practically no one else could age like this.

I could never take to Djokovic no matter how hard I try to be honest with you.


I really tried as he seems amusing at times. Don’t know why but I just never could. Doesn’t compare to Roger or Rafa for me

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My favourite player.

He came after Federer and Nadal and started beating them down and owning the game, he was never going to be as popular lol.

Plus has better h2h over both, he got this.

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There appears to be a genuine overall dislike for Djokovic. I’m not entirely sure why, but I’m exactly the same!

Was there gamesmanship at some point in his career or something?

Looks like me and @Darkseid don’t even see eye to eye with tennis players lol

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That’s only cos @Darkseid is 4’11"

IMO it’s pretty much beause many already had their favourites between Rafa and Federer then Djokovic comes and breaks the duopoly dominating the current era like no one has before.

That and maybe they consider his style more robotic or the like, for me though he still plays beautifully.

Best returner of all time for sure.

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I pretty much suspected it to be the case. i.e. he’s too good and people want to see him lose.

Federer will be top 3 in the world at age 40 if he plays another 2 seasons after this one.

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I always read this thread as the tetris thread rather then tennis, most times I see the title

Nervy start by Serena!

Wow, that was a demolition. Serena didn’t look right.

Excellent thread :joy:


Federer gave everything he had there and still lost out on the set. Balls anyway.

I genuinely think he was the better man in the first set. Huge shame he lost it on the last 4 points in the tie breakers

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He was better in the tiebreaker for sure.

Djokovic lost his focus this set