Tennis Thread

Kyle Edmunds ranking will take a hit, defending Semi final points he was destroyed by Berdych in straight sets.

Andy showed a lot of fight, despite not getting the result, shame I really wanted him to pull it off.

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I certainly didn’t think that when I started watching Murray’s match at 8am, i’d still be watching it 4 hours later. Bautista Agut was in impressive form coming into this so bravo to Andy taking it to 5 sets despite only having 1 hip. A defeat looks likely, but impressive performance none the less.

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Lion hearted performance from Andy, good to see the crowd really getting behind him.


Emotional interview. They’ve just played him tribute messages from other tennis players. I think i’m going to cry :sob:

Best tribute I could give him is that he made me care about tennis to an extent.

Are you back to no fucks given now then? :smile:

Kind of lol

Fair play to Bautista Agut :eyes:

Had the crowd and the Murray circus against him and managed to get the job done

I’m not a massive Tennis fan, but it’ll be interesting to see how British tennis fares post Murray era. Sure there’s a couple of them dotting around in the men and women’s game right now, but I really don’t believe we’ll see anyone of them go on to do particularly great things, all seem very average. I guess Murray’s focus might be to try and discover the next generation of players as we head towards a somewhat lean period again.

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Yeah British Tennis is fucked without Murray, have a couple of players like Edmund and Evans floating around but I can’t see it being much more than that.

Djok is a shoe in for the AO I feel.

It’s like 2am in Australia and they’re still playing tennis. Not much of a crowd, mind.

I find it hard to get behind Konta. I’m not a fan of this switching nationalities thing.

Does anyone actually like her? :sweat_smile: BBC usually have to result to having comments written about her closed off when she loses a match, because of the amount of dislike people write about her. Though even without the nationalities thing, she doesn’t really have much of a personality.

Take her back will ya @Aussiegooner ? :cristo:

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I agree. It’s hard to get behind a Hungarian born Australian who spent the first 14 years of her life in Australia and represented them for a large portion of her career.

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Off to the Australian Open tomorrow, always an enjoyable day.


Lennox Lewis on the other hand. . .

Surrounded by the Japanese


Federer knocked out by 20-year-old Tsitsipas. He said he used to watch Federer on YouTube and try to mimic his backhand :smile:

I don’t know if i’m forgetting someone obvious, but I can’t recall any past Greek tennis players going far in a major?

The record books are sparse to say the least as far as Greek players go so he’s breaking records all the time.

Great win for him, Federer had 12 break points and failed to convert any. Tsitsipas is going right to the top, he’s so strong mentally and has the game to match. If Federer doesn’t win Wimbledon he won’t be winning a slam this year.

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