Tennis Thread

They’ve got to take the L and unban them was ridiculous to begin with


You’re joking right? I’ve literally never heard anyone even mention how many ATP points it carries. It’s still a grand slam tournament and the most prestigious of the four at that.

cant imagine it will have an effect on crowds, tv or sponsorship.

It carries 2000 ATP ranking points.

By definition a tournament without ranking points is typically considered an “ exhibition “

Although agree as long as prize money remains it’ll have limited hindrance of players and therefore crowd and TV ratings.

I don’t think it is fair at all tbh

One player for example will drop from #60 in the world to #130, it’s not a viable solution.

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Djokovic made a point about himself missing out on 4,000 points through this and being prevented from playing in the Australian Open. Though he said he’ll still play.

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Lots of the top guys surviving in 5 sets, Tsitsipas, Alcaraz, Zverev and Schwartzman.

Lots of comebacks from players down 0-2 sets also so far at the French.

Yea Naomi only about 2m quid if you win it. No point if you don’t also get ranking points.

(I know she might have other reasons she doesn’t fancy it)

Coming up on Tuesday morning. I know Nadal is the king of clay, but I think Djokovic will edge it.

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Felixl played a great match underlying his huge potential

He kept Nadal out there for over 4 hours and took it to five and very few have done that, job done, over to you Djokovic

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Felix has lost really tough 5 setters vs Medvedev in Australia and now Nadal at Roland Garros.

Epic victory for Holger Rune, just beat Tsitsipas in 4 sets

My bro told me about him earlier this year and man does he have some game, excellent prospect and same age as Alcaraz at 19 .

@Cristo First Dane to get to the QF of the French since 1925


I remember he took a set off Djokovic 1st round of US open last year.

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Yeah my dad was just raving about him to me!

Apparently another Dane to look out for is Clara Tauson.

Would be nice to have a Dane or two in the tennis mix again.

Shame Sinner got hurt.

Cilic all over Medvedev at the moment.

Huge effort from Zverev to take out Alcaraz.

Now hopefully Nadal can take out Djokovic


That first game was just wow. Love watching Rafa at his best!


Good start for Nadal. Though Djokovic would get the better of him, but glad that isn’t proving to be the case so far.

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Going well so far :pray: