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Very rough on these players that have no control over political decisions.

Real shame especially with Medvedev being a real contender for the major trophies but I don’t think there is a realistic alternative choice. It’s not like Medvedev is saying I’m leaving Russia (he’s plenty rich enough to get a residential visa elsewhere) and giving up my citizenship as the invasion and genocidal slaughter is completely unacceptable.

So I think on balance the Wimbledon decision is 100 percent right.

I don’t think it affects Putin at all in the short term and he just makes propaganda out of things like this but Medvedev is exposed to enough more balanced media to know better.

I thought discriminating on the grounds of national origin was a crime in the UK.


Honestly whose taking lectures off those stuck up snobby pricks.
The fucking pies those people as individuals will have the fingers in.

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What a fall from grace

I met him once. Didn’t like him.


Same. Thought he was a real prick.


I havent met many celebrities, but one I did meet was Clive Anderson. He was featuring in Arsenal’s season ticket campaign and I had to go and meet him in the stadium car park and get him to where the shoot was taking place. I greeted him as Mr Anderson and made the mistake of asking him how its going, to which he said, “well, I don’t know, I’ve only just got here”

Just smiled and thought to myself, “not just on the telly that you’re a smug prick, eh?”, and got on with the job.

Met Pires and Rizzle Kicks the same day and they were all sound af though.


I am dead at this reply. :joy: Give me a good chuckle reading it lol


Genuinely sounds like the moment evil Jakey Boy was born


Nadal beaten at Madrid masters 1000 by Alcaraz who now goes on to face Djokovic in the next round

Alcaraz is the next big thing in tennis, insane talent and game at the age of 19

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Alcaraz beats Djokovic :-o

Great match and crazy good win for Alacaraz made history as first to beat Djokovic and Nadal back to back on clay

Djokovic looking near his best, didn’t expect him to play so well today tbh. Bodes well for the French Open and defending his championship

Alcaraz is wild. Been a nice return to form for Djokovic this week also.

Reckon he’s got a chance for Wimbledon?

The French will be a close call between Djokovic and Nadal this season. Doesn’t Roland Garos kick off soon?

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We haven’t seen Alcaraz on grass enough yet to really make the call. I do think at this stage with the serve being the weakest part of his game Wimbledon will be a bridge too far.

Yes the French starts in a couple of weeks. I think Nadal is the fav and Djokovic, Alcaraz and Tsitsipas have a chance.

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Djokovic joins the 1000 club @Darkseid. Seems to have rediscovered his mojo.

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Watched the mach and he’s playing at a super high level, very close to his best

Has to be the favouirte for the French now that Nadal may not be fully fit by the time it starts

Djokovic just needed a decent run of matches and he’s had that

Fair imo

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Turns Wimbledon into half an exhibition event :grimacing: