He’s back :xhaka2:

Hyped. @sol @cristo @nolanfans


I was thinking that this looks like a pretty straightforward action thriller…but then the time shit happens and you’re like this is the Christopher Nolan we know.

And is it really a Nolan movie without Michael Caine in it? Insomnia almost 20 years ago was the last time he directed without big Mike featuring in some way (even a tiny cameo like the one he had in Dunkirk).


Yeah. It’s not a Christopher Nolan film without Michael Caine.

“He’s a big man, but he’s outta shape…”


Just saw this!!! Was about to post but you beat me to it.

Looks fucking nuts, I can’t wait haha!

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No Hans Zimmer for this one tho, he’s off doing Dune.

Otherwise it’s as Christopher Nolan as you can get

Haha some of the comments

Nolan: breathes

Time: Ah shit, here we go again.

“This movie will make millions!”

“…it already has.”

Hollywood is running out of ideas

Nolan: Hold my trailer

Christopher Nolan: “How many more of my movies would you like to do Michael?”
Micheal Cain: “Yes”


Prior to Star Wars IMAX screening they showed a 6 minute prologue of Tenet.

Holy shit that was tense. The suspense and music and the backwards stuff was mindblowing. Has an Inception feeling about it.

One of the comments in the video.

“The title is not Tenet, it’s Ten Ten”

Could be true as well.

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