Tell Us Your Football Career (Game)


Benfica, Monaco, Villarreal, back to Benfica. A very meh career :no_mouth:


You are an Arsenal supporter after all :xhaka: :wink:


Became a legend at… Apoel Nicosia :santi:


I started out at Real Madrid where I had an amazing goal scoring record and was a budding youth however when Tottenham was forced to sell Harry Kane and Deli Alli to Madrid I was a casualty in the deal sending me to the lily white side of North London.

I spent a short time there but it was cut short when I scored 5 own goals against their bitter rivals Arsenal. That obviously hurt my resale value so I was shipped off to the depths of Turkey and Besiktas.

There I ran riot in the league getting a goal or assist every 120 minutes of play, one of the top returns in the world. I attracted attention from Sevilla and they were able to pay €200m for me in my prime, as some Saudi Arabian prince had recently purchased the club as his new toy.

At Sevilla I took them to league glory all in the same season as breaking Pique’s leg in half and ending his career. We also won the CL that year beating Bayern Munich 20 - 1 on aggregate in the semi final. In the final we beat Madrid and made them regret ever selling me. Cementing my legendary status at Sevilla


Dynamo Kiev, Juventus, Zenit St Petersburg & CSKA Moscow. Lots of Football in the Russia and Ukraine lol.


Sevilla > PSG > Sporting > Espanyol.

At least I got to stay pretty warm most of the time.


You avoided any major ingrown toe nail injuries that’s for sure :blush:


AS Roma



What a fall from grace! :henry2: