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Couldn’t find any thread which could discuss specifically about computer, laptop etc.

So I am trying to optimise my work space as the work from home will continue for another 6 months more I believe.

Do you guys use any multi-device wireless keyboard?
or any software which would allow single wireless keyboard & mouse to be synced on multiple laptops & ipad.

I am currently using ‘Mouse without border’ which works well with some glitches but I want to make it more seamless.

This section of the forum looks especially dead, but I’ll try anyway.

I get frequent ads. on my facebook feed for these Photo Stick devices where you just stick a drive into a USB port and it sorts out every photo in your computer/laptop/iPad/phone, etc. It’s supposed organise, delete duplicates, and so on.

Wouldn’t doing a search on your computer for .jpeg, .gif files , etc. then sending to them to a regular usb drive accomplish the same thing?

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Has anyone else started buying “smart home” tech?

About a year ago we bought a Google assistant home hub thing that lives in the kitchen. She sets timers for us, pulls up recipes, tells us the weather for the day, sets reminders etc. Pretty handy but I wasn’t convinced and thought it was gimmicky. We have a few smart plugs that she manages for us as well.

This year for Christmas from our families we got a bunch more Google home gear including Google Nest WiFi with an additional range extender, a Google pod (like the hub but no screen) and Google Chromecast with Google TV.

God damn do I love this shit, it’s literally like living the in the future. We’ve synced up all of our smart plugs and all of our Google products so now a tonne of our home is voiced controlled. Electric heater, lamps, the Christmas tree, Sonos, even our fucking television. I literally say “Hey Google, turn on the tv and open Prime Video” and it does it. Even better, I can ask the tv to find something I want to watch and it’ll show us on which of the streaming platforms we can watch it as Google Chromecast links up and centralises all of the streaming platforms you have.

When I need to go for a drink or something I just say “Hey Google, pause the tv” AND IT FUCKING DOES IT. Sonos too as well. The Google voice AI is pretty damn good as well and she understand pretty much everything.

The Google WiFi extender we have also doubles as a hub assistant thing so you can ask it to set an alarm for the morning as well as set a routine where it can wake you up with the traffic on your commute, time to get there, weather for the day and playing your favourite radio station or playlist.

The Google nest WiFi has been great as well, the range is way better than on our old BT router and it definitely helps with keeping a steady and fast Internet when you’ve got several devices streaming and playing video games at the same time.

I never thought I’d get into this sort of thing but I absolutely love it and it’s so cool. Seems like they’ve really improved the tech as well.


I have Alexa but somehow I can type what I want faster than getting Alexa to find me what I want.
Smart homes are long way away from being a necessary addition for me.

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That’s fair. From what I’ve seen with my friends places, Alexa isn’t as good as the Google tech.

It’s not a necessary addition, but we do love being able to tell Google to turn off the lights when we go to bed and then she just does it. Or being able to pause Sonos wherever you and not have to get your phone out.

I use alexa to turn my lamps on, all my plugs behind my tv off and my charging station. Use it to find my phone. And some other stuff.

My mum asked me if she should get one last week and I said nah I dont use it much and started listing what I used it for and retracted my statement as I didnt realise how useful it has become in life.


The FBI must be having a blast listening in on your arguments with your girlfriend, and knowing how big a shite you took this morning based on the plops they could hear through their headsets

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Whatever floats their boat man :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Be funnier if it said do it yourself ya lazy cunt


Was thinking the same thing. I mean, it’s probably actually quicker to press the pause button yourself than ask someone else to do it.

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Haha probably not the user experience people would expect

@Phoebica you’d think so, I thought so, but I love it now. Especially when I can’t find the remote.

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Tech will be there when you say ‘where’s the remote’ and it physically squirms out from under the cushions.

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Not for me this stuff, very dubious about the listening capabilities of all this stuff. Used to like it all but the more I find out about big corporations like Google and Amazon the less I want their gear listening to me getting my freak on :rofl: