Takehiro Tomiyasu (18)

Least he has ran out of calfs to strain now

Seriously what is wrong with this guy? Calves made of paper I swear

I don’t know that it’s a huge mystery. We didn’t rotate him and he broke down.

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Not like he’s an over lapping full back though. Not like his games based on speed.

Or we even played him in that many fucking games lmao

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Waste of money

he was great before injury…just hope it wont impact him going forward when back


Another injury prone player Arsenal signed.

He’s still adapting to a way different league. One of the things that stood out to me was his body shape. He a big dude and he was putting in work out there. It’s very different from playing CB in Italy.

No European football. Out the cup in January. International breaks, covid breaks.
He’s 22 how many games has he played. Ffs he’s come from a top League and International footballer.
He has been asked nothing out of the ordinary. Granted the Liverpool game was a step to far in the semi final.
Apart from that though I don’t see he has been asked anything major of his ability.


You’re making my point for me. We mismanaged him.

No I’m not because you have just quoted the step from the Italian League as basically too much.
Your coming up with cotton wool arguments for a fit athlete in a very kind fixture ask.
In fact it’s ideal for addressing some of your so called concerns on transitioning from the two Leagues.


Any fit well prepared professional athlete at 22 should have been able to cope with the workload we gave him.

Just another non durable Arsenal player.

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He featured in 79% of Bologna’s league games over the 2 seasons he was there. No idea whether he suffered injuries, or if he was still establishing himself in their first team as a 20/21 year old.

At Arsenal, so far, he’s played in 53% of our games.

I don’t think he came to Arsenal as an injury prone player. Fuck knows what’s happened to him. But I’m hopeful it’s just some bullshit freak injuries that he’ll bounce back from. Prefer we give him the time to recover rather than rushing him back and fucking him over harder in the long term.


Quite true but seems to just be a case of Arsenalitis

How many times have players who have been known to be robust come here and had fitness issues or freak injuries not too long after signing, Partey is a very good example starts 28 and then 29 league games in 2 out of 3 seasons prior to signing and still hasn’t managed 25 for us yet.

Bit early to write Tomiyasu off as a crock though.


sack shad forsythe

The guy got an injury in February even though he wasn’t available much in January never mind the month after where the vanishing act started. Something is just wrong here.

Was genuinely a fan favourite a few weeks back and now he’s a waste of space.

Japan Scotland predator handshake muscle meme


He definitely deserves the benefit of the doubt as this is only his first injury, unlike Tierney and Partey.

I thought they said the new injury was his other leg. Maybe it was one of those weird overcompensating injuries. Ramsey used to get those.