Super Mik Godteta :arteta2:

You said something nice about Pep… given your previous vitriol for all things ManCity it just took me by surprise.

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Oh haha. I absolutely hate them but I’m in complete awe of Pep as a coach.

Very few times in football does a coach come along that genuinely revolutionises the game the way that Pep has done. His influence is everywhere


One other thing that city have done well gets overlooked too.
KDB is no longer an injury liability. That’s not down to luck.
Someone or fitness team has done some good homework here and it’s paid off massively.


Look at Gundogan too his body has been a concern his whole career yet City seem to extract 40+ games out of him every single year.


Image taken from city’s dressing room on Sunday


you are missing this…you fail


Saying all the right things
Agree with everything he has said, and its exciting to hear him talk about how he knows where the improvements are needed. He see’s it as we do and wants more which is fantastic.^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1662730431848931330|twgr^a25426fe77077ec3609ce814ef91c0111d41b277|twcon^s1_&

Goosebumps settings. Even on my ballsack :giroud2:


The boss.



Decisive season for Mikel coming up.

He’ll hopefully be given the final 2 or 3 key pieces to his squad. This will give him the depth and first XI quality needed to compete in the CL and in the league simultaneously.

With the right additions, and the young players continuing to develop and find a higher level, this team under this manager should do better than 84 points.

Mentality is a big one though. They have to learn to do better than the results versus West Ham, Southampton, Brighton, Forest etc. That’s the real key. The experience of coming close has to teach this manager and squad something. So if we get into the same position again we do not falter. We also have to stand up to Guardiola and City. Desperately need a win against those fucking odious cunts.

Yes we need another big summer of signings but I’m massively optimistic. A terrific season from the youngest team in the league. We can only get better from here. We’re not going to Wenger this up either by being miserly, stubborn arse holes in the market. Edu, Arteta and the Kroenkes know we need to invest again. They will use the money available.



Have a feeling Arteta and the board is really going to go for it in the window this summer.

Can’t really ignore that KSE’s teams are experiencing a bit of a boom rn starting with the Rams.


The kroenke’s deserve a lot of apologies tbh, since they took full control they’ve been great.


Was it rams or avalanche?