Super Mik Godteta :arteta2:

My dad is one of those non-believers. He reckons Pep is coaching Arteta and our team behind closed doors :joy::joy::joy:


Got talksport on and White still raging about Arteta :joy:

Simon Jordan tbf to him says he doesn’t know why Arteta gets everyone on him when Klopp has done it for years and he’s done worse ie ran up to an official and got right in his face.

He thinks it’s because people have got used to Arsenal not being relevant and they hate to see them doing well again


Yep. Because Klopp, Conte got absolutely praised for their “passion” and “energy” on the touch lines.

Nobody seems to have an issue with over animation and running up to officials but this season it appears to be an absolutely massive problem lol


Become its Arsenal and everyone takes joy at them being a banter club lol and they don’t like it that we are good again


I think this is exactly it.

Whereas everyone was/is longing for Liverpool and United to be the top dogs again. Ridiculous.


That yellow for Mikel would never have been given yesterday if it wasnt for all this media hype bullshit
Hes doing nothing more than any other manager does weekly


The only true rival for Pep is Pep himself :rofl:

About time we did some of these tbh. Equaliser.



Even by Arteta’s own standards, he was pretty calm yesterday. But much like the FA charges, there seems to be a different standard for us.

It means we are doing well

The amount of non arsenal people I’ve heard referring to our non relevance the last 10-15 years and how this will all be just a one off.
People would sooner see oil state clubs do better just to see us “put back in our place” the jealousy is strong here and I also agree with Simon Jordan that Arteta gets way more shit then he should, he’s no where near Klopp and Pep levels of cunt. If anytbing I think he’s humble as fuck.

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To be fair, we did the same hoping City win PL ahead of Liverpool.

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Doesn’t want to admit he was wrong about Arteta. I respect the commitment.

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My dad keeps flip-flopping on him. One moment he’s too soft, the other he’s too eccentric.

Yesterday he told me Man Utd dominated the first half, literally hung up on him.

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Me and Aussie safe on this one :smiley:


:arteta2::arteta4::arteta3: :arteta:


:syringe: :syringe: :syringe: :syringe: :syringe:


Good take by Jordan


Which manager described Super Mik as the most disrespectful manager he came up against???

Yeah, that’s what I was wondering too. Doubt it’s a top manager because not top manager would talk to Arteta I think.

I was thinking Lampard perhaps as he’s English, Crooky must have his number. However, we didn’t play them this season.

Perhaps Potter or Howe?

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