Super Mik Godteta :arteta2:

Ramsdale got nearly all of us tbh, fucking 30m for a double relegation keeper turning out to be good business lol


I don’t think Ramsdale has the tools to be elite but he signing makes sense when you view him our keeper for the next 10 years consistently providing average to above average performances. £30m is a snip

He’s been our best keeper since maybe Lehmann.

People, including me, not wanting a novice to manage Arsenal was nothing wrong.
Wanting him out after getting 8th, 8th, 5th was nothing wrong.

Yes, Arteta turned it around, and we show positive signs of challenging the title, I can put all these negatives behind and look forward.

Nothing funny to bash BigWeng while he is not here (anymore)


Chesney was better I would say

He was the one and only

There are plenty with different views, but I’m not sure there is anyone here who has had an agenda against Arteta from the start. Everyone is entitled to their view, but you have to be balanced in your opinion. By all means criticise the manager if we lose, but you can’t then give no credit to him when we win. His absence from this forum seems to be directly linked to the fact that Arsenal are doing rather well atm!

So, I didn’t want Arteta as Manager when we were linked with him. Freely admit that, and very soon I admitted I was wrong. You could see after he started to work with the team what he was trying to achieve with the squad. Edu and Arteta have done excellent work in the transfer windows with the players they have brought in and we are now seeing the benefits. Change doesn’t happen overnight which is why they have said to fans to trust the process.

As for our absent friend, he was very good at giving it out on here to those of us that had different views from others, so simply pointing out some facts. Very proud that some of us backed Arteta, even when things got difficult, and we can now enjoy the current good run of form and improvement in the team!

this is so true…
we now have a good foundation and should be good from now.
the more games we win the more sponsors and resources will come in, and we will have enough money to reinforce.
as a pessimist, I even believe we could make it this season, as long as we can stay healthy and add a couple of players in January.


We’ve got Super Mik Arteta


Blimey, I’m an optimist and even I don’t think we can win the league this season! I’m just pleased we are being talked up as being in the title race! Who knows, given how far the others are behind us, if City do slip up, it could be our year!

100% agree that we need to strengthen but need to add the right players and the right quality.

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I don’t think it this point you can say we can’t win the league, I think City will win the league but we certainly have an outside chance.


Yeah I’m really enjoying the mood around the club and in the support. No beefs, everybody enjoying the ride


I just started to play fifa 22 (yeah, did not buy 23) after a few months of absense, and using Arsenal again… this is how excited I am to be an Arsenal fan right now.
most importantly, I keep most of the current players, just added Sane and Goretzka (the two positions that I think we need to strengthen).

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How did people turn on Mikel so quickly smh


David Luiz was important for us back here. Think he had a lot of positive influence on the youth too.

He was far and away the best ball playing CB we had in the early Arteta days.


Certain players downing tools like they did for the manager he replaced helped.

Just here to say that I miss Arteta ball and the mighty Arsenal.

Yeah these international teams are so much worse to watch. The 1 week international breaks were bad enough ffs