Super Mik Godteta :arteta2:

You can’t compare them.
Graham won it all as a player and manager.
He was mentally tough and a strict disciplinarian.

Xhaka is a fake hard man, mentally weak and indisciplined.

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Really? I don’t even remember him complaining about anything. At least no more than any other manager.


PL Champions 2023-2024.

2 decades after our Invincibles season.


We should re-sign him given our shitty RB situation.

And Baca

Make it so…


Keep complaining Mikel. I back him on it, and I have no problem saying there is corruption against Arsenal, among officials, domestic football authorities, and media. Obviously there are going to be people wanting him to stay quiet.


IF Arteta gets CL football with the youngest team in the league, he fully deserves to be in the running for manager of the season.



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In fairness, Lamps was nominated 19/20 for doing a similar job with a young Chelsea squad but in his case, he had less time in the role, lost his best player and had never coached in the PL before

Not quite the same situation as Arteta

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I feel less and less optimistic by the day. The injury list growing and Newcastle on good form at St James’s

Plus 4 defeats in the last 8 and the Scum with better form and two easy games to finish.

I hope I’m wrong but I’m not feeling remotely confident.

I think Arteta passes go this season even with 5th but still has a lot to prove.

With Utd under new management he has to improve this team a lot to be thinking about top 4 next season too especially with European football tiring the squad.

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Well yeh, he literally just signed a new contract.

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I was going to say that I agree with a viewpoint that points matter as well as placing, but if we win the next two matches we still get to 72 points, so if that is the case he would deserve to be on a shortlist.

I’m not sure about “youngest squad” stuff in the mix, it isn’t as if he was forced to go that way, so it was a choice, even though it is one I myself was pushing a couple of seasons back as part of fixing club culture, and we were biggest spenders last summer so I think that still allows someone like David Moyes (West Ham) to stay in the conversation, maybe even Paddy Vieira.


Absolutely no way should Arteta be in the debate about manager of the season.

He’s fallen out with his star striker. I’m sure Auba has at least more than half the blame but Artetas job was to motivate him. Arteta has created a history of fall outs although he’d argue he’s fixing the culture. Ideally he’d have done that with less fall out than he has which points to a rigid and inflexible personality- possibly excessively.

Also the rigidity means a ton of expensive talent has become unused leaving on a free causing a huge banking of losses.

Between him and Edu in their big squad clear out they left themselves ridiculously short in January which has come back to bite us in the run in as seemed inevitable at the time.

He’s failed in over 2.5 years to sort out goal scoring and the centre forward roles. We have a very low positive goal difference for a top team as a result and less points on the board than we should.

He’s also shown rigidity in his tactics. Trying to play normal game away at Scum with a weakened team for example with the inevitable and easily predicted turning over by Son and Kane as a result. May have easily cost us top 4.

His signings are mixed. White he paid top dollar for although he looks good. Ramsdale again a top price at the time although more suitable for Artetas play style than Leno but begs the question why he sold that keeper to Villa while keeping Leno who’s weak with his feet. Odegard has been a good buy but was not wanted at Madrid. Lakonga has floundered and now behind Elneny. Tavares is a defensive liability of the first degree leaving defence in disarray. Tomi has been great. So it’s a mixed bag even if an improvement on the Raul shenanigans.

Against that there is progress with a top 4-5 position, the football has looked good in patches and the team is more enjoyable to support.

But there are strong arguments that all of Conte, Klopp, Pep, Howe and Viera (plus maybe the Brentford and West Ham guys) have all got better results pound for pound from their squads this season.

He’s done ok and I like him at times but we’re kidding ourselves if we think he should be anywhere near the shortlist for manager of the season.


If he gets us into the CL, then he should be in with a shout. No question.


The “he wasnt wanted by Madrid” seems like it’s included as some sort of caveat? If he’s a good buy, he’s a good buy, what does it matter now if Madrid wanted him?


You just know there’s people secretly hoping Arteta doesn’t get us into CL lol


I don’t think that’s at all true. I’m personally desperate to see him succeed even though I’m mixed about him and flip flop between enthusiastic and thinking he’s not all that.

The reality is it’s a mixed bag with some good progress but also nothing outstanding given the time and spend involved. He picked up a bit of a basket case so I’m not ruling him out coming really good in the end but the results so far are goodish but not stunning. Notably I think Conte has out performed him in the short term since arriving at Scum land.

I think even @BigWeng_4LYFE would much prefer to see him get CL and he’s the most consistent and vocal critic of Arteta on here. But he can put me right if that’s not the case.

With respect to Jakeys point on Odegard the caveat is in relation to how easy it was to secure him at that price so nothing exceptional managerially although it’s working out well.


I doubt there is any Arsenal supporter that doesn’t want us to get in the CL.
But top four was the minimum requirement after three seasons of heavy investment.

How does the manager of a top spending club deserve an award when they’ve lost twelve games?
Even Burnley have only lost four more than us.


I think most fans want us to get CL regardless but I genuinely do think BigWeng is so self-obsessed that he would enjoy us missing out on the CL.

For me, I’m not sold on Arteta and have gone on the record multiple times as having said as such, but at the same time I want the club to succeed and so the hope for CL overrides my skepticism. Of course, some would have us believe there’s just two simplistic categories of fans and the way they support the team, but I think that’s not particularly accurate in reality as I’m sure there are many in a similar position as myself.


The only thing stopping @BigWeng_4LYFE perhaps not wanting Arteta to get top 4 is his bet with me where he might have to hand over the keys to his house in California if he loses the bet.


I don’t even think it’s secret at this point. Only Arsenal fans want us to qualify, and even then some of those would take joy out of seeing us fail.

Everyone else is strengthening their gag reflex for when they have Harry Kane’s cock in their hand.