Super Mik Godteta :arteta2:

We are top of the league going into October.

Don’t think anybody predicted that, let alone with the performances this team has consistently put in.

Bounced back from a bad loss to United with an emphatic, dominant win at a tough ground.

Teams are showing us more respect. We’ve got some of the fear factor back.

Manager deserves huge credit given how turbulent things have been at times. Most fans have wanted him gone at least once but he’s come back so strong, and his team is delivering for him. Dressing room absolutely in the palm of his hand.

Very happy times being an Arsenal fan right now. Haven’t said that in years.


S***r Mik. I’m not quite there yet, but he is getting a lot right at the moment. Well deserved manager of the month and a great result for him and the boys yesterday.

We’ve played well in every game in the league this year. And we’ve played well for most of the game too, not just spells in one half.

It probably won’t last but honestly haven’t been so happy with an Arsenal team since 2008.


All other things aside, just what he’s done with Xhaka is outstanding and deserves admiration.

It does feel like we’ve unlocked another level. We never had this consistency before under Mikel which is the most enlightening thing to see and gives us some hope we can sustain a Top 4 charge.

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Why hope? We’ve already sustained a top 4 charge last season. In fact we gave it away on the second-to-last matchday. I’d say it’s the least we have to do this season.


Still finding his reluctance on using subs for substantial minutes puzzling.
Eddie should surely of been given a good 30 minutes at 3 0 yesterday.
Likewise Sambi. These lads will be called upon soon and minutes in games like this seem easy to give.


I am surprised Liverpool even has a 11.3% chance this season.
They are already 8 points behind City.

Game in hand. Still be hard though.

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84.4% at this stage of the season for one team is insane… i don’t necessarily disagree with it, but holy hell.

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Especially as they’re not even top of the league but I agree, it’s probably about right.

3.2 % chance is better than Any Wenger banter era season. Including the Leicester season.

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If we can get through Spuds and Liverpool with 4 points, that percentage would basically swap with Liverpool imo.

City’s quality will obviously win out but we can only hope our lot stay as fit as possible so we can aim for 2nd/3rd.


We should aim to get max points from LiverPOOP and inbred fc. We are a class above Them rn

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Of course but we were a class above United even on the pitch and still lost 3-1.

4 points would be massive given it means we have to beat at least one of them which we haven’t done regularly for a long time. In my mind I’m hoping we beat Spurs and I’d take a point against the scousers.


Correct sometimes the small shite teams gets away by parking the double decker. Happens to city a lot. Being an ELITE team is not always easy.

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Squawka’s model must think Spurs really suck to give them only a .5% chance.

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That’s way over the top by City. Favourites for sure but there’s changes in this squad this season.