Sunderland vs Arsenal (Premier League)

Saturday, 12:30pm kick off.

Should win this one, realistically Sunderland have been in awful form for a while now and are actually on track for relegation again. Strong performance expected.

On the other hand, it is Arsenal and I’m OP…


  • Sunderland win
  • Darwin
  • Arsenal win

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We haven’t beaten a David Moyes team since March 2012 :wink:

That’s changing though on Saturday as Sunderland are awful. They held us to a 0-0 in April but thats when Sunderland turn into god mode so they stay up. It’s October so Sunderland 0 Arsenal 2!

Expected a big win versus Middlesbrough, didn’t happen. Hope we do turn up against Sunderland.

0-2 Arsenal, Sanchez brace.

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EDIT 2: Argh autocorrect screwed me and now I can’t edit the poll!

Gonna vote for Darwin lol autocorrect at its finest.


And there was me thinking Cristo made the poll and tried to be funny, putting Darwin in :poldi:

We had a truly lackluster draw against them last season when we were playing so poorly. Sunderland are the only side in the League without a win. We must get three points here, as our following two league games after that will be very tricky affairs.

I’ll go with a 2-0 win to Arsenal.

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At least they haven’t sacked Moyes yet so that’s good for us. Tight win.

Never like playing teams in last place, especially away!

Hopefully Wenger said the right things after Middlesbrough.

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Darwin :joy:

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Think we will win this game 2-0 if Cazorla returns but if not we could be in for another frustrating draw.

So Walcott, Cazorla & Monreal face tests & Giroud and Ramsey will be in the squad.

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I think Walcott will miss out, Cazorla to start, if not then probably Ramsey, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to throw Ramsey in the deep like that. Chamberlain will take Theo’s place. I assume Monreal will be fine, otherwise Gibbs will play obviously.

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I’d start Giroud if Walcott doesn’t make it.

Hopefully Cazorla makes it as he’s our most important midfielder

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If we play like we did against Middlesborough I can see Sunderland getting something out of this game.
I’ll go for a score draw.

It could be the perfect game for him, as Sunderland are gonna park the bus.

Wearing our third strip tomorrow

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We won 4-0 against Forrest with that shirt, didn’t we?

Third strips, up there with the chocolate fireguard. :facepalm:

As for the game, it will be a consideration of whether we’re more likely to need Cazorla’s ability against Sunderland or LudoRaz.

I would play him tomorrow and then leave him at home to rest while the squad and oddballs like me go out to Bulgaria. Could end up eating my words there.


People are over rating santi’s influence tbh. Elneny did a more than acceptable job against Middlesborough.

We need some alternation in the forward line to keep things fresh. Key players have been rested so we’ll look better I’m hoping

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OK boys here’s the rub:

What are the chances of Walcott starting?

Do you think we’ll line up with both Iwobi and the Ox on the wings?

I need to know for my fantasy team. Can’t afford to keep Walcott in the team and have him get benched or something. Might sell him for Iwobi or Ox, but they both played against Reading…

They say he’s injured.