Summer Transfers Thread


West Ham on a madnessss

Great deal for west ham if they can pull it off.

I’d swap Laca for Gomez right now!

Maxi Gomez is making the wrong move but fair play to West Ham. Fornals and Gomez shows some intent to break into the top 8 of the PL.

Who the fuck is Maxi Gomes and what the fuck is a Fornals? Do you guys really watch every game of every top league in Europe?

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West Ham 2 Arsenal 0

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Funnily enough that will also be the score when we play them at the Olympic Stadium!


Didn’t even predict the attendance. Weak.

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This meme can be used for everything! :joy:


Old Tom & Jerry is awesome


Diop’s decent tbf. He’d represent better value for money than a lot of centre backs that United have been linked with.

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I’ve always liked cats and I wanted Tom to kill that little fucker.

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I’d rather spend £40m on Diop than £90m on Maguire that’s for sure

What I don’t understand is why top PL clubs seem to want to do business when teams are quoting these types of sums. There is undoubtedly better value for money outside the PL.


Premier league proven mate :wink::wink:

The issue is, a PL club losing one of their best players could be a ruinous to their hopes of staying in the PL. Most of them aren’t doing bad financially and commercially, and if they want to keep that they better stay up at the very least.

The league is washed with money now. Clubs aren’t in terrible financial shape where they have to sell. Clubs at the bottom of the league make more money getting relegated than clubs in other leagues get for staying up. Shit is crazy fam.

Harry Maguire is worth 40M max. But that English tax is something else.

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I’d rather spend approx £25m on William Saliba rather than overpay for Maguire - good defender and was on my short list before the season ended, but he isn’t worth £90m. We need to be smart in this window to strengthen the team, clear the dead wood, within the financial constraints we have…

I agree.
There’s loads of money in the PL.
I can only think of maybe a few that are cash strapped and not able to spend big, probably Sheffield United, Burnley and Arsenal.
All the other clubs are going to do their best to get the players they need to stay in the PL and push to the next level.