Summer Transfers Thread


Pep said Otamendi wants to leave so City would be short at the back.


Antonio Valencia’s dad said he is defo leaving Man United in the summer and we’re one of the clubs in for him :eyes:

Us, West Ham and Inter apparently.


No thanks


Every one uses our name. He screams West Ham like Jack Wilshire did at this point last year


Fucking Valencia in 2018. LOL.


Daddy Valencia can fuck off.


Militao should be brasilian for dictator


Do you guys think we should sign any experienced players this summer? If so, at what position? And if you already have someone in mind, who?
Personally I think we could do with some extra CL experience in midfield.


We have to sign good players. Experienced doesn’t mean he is great. Just look at Licht :xhaka:


For every Stephan you have a Sokratis. Nuff said.


He’s been good but nothing special tbh


Rabiot’s top of my midfield wishlist. Decent experience and huge potential. But everyone will be after him. Probably United bound on 300k a week if reports of them being in for him are true. That’s the kind of quality injection we really should be making to move forward. And if United get him alongside Pogba, that’d look formidable.


Socks “You In The Mouth” Kratis?

He’s been an absolute boss and rock.


I’m not saying he hasn’t. He’s come in and done that just saying he’s not been wow good


He’s a reasonable good, not great stop gap, that’s all really. A expensive signing that will pay off if we make the CL

Not a player who should be an automatic starter next season if we buy right this summer


I was wowed with him pocketing Kane and the United attack. If he had a top partner we might actually have a very solid defense.


Nonsense, you build your defense around him. Just need a good partner as has shown now Kosceilny is coming back to form. Kompany’s free in the summer but a bit old.


Yeah our defence has been good last few games. Hope we keep it up!


Build our defence around stop gap 31 year old Sokratis. That’s slightly disturbing thought especially in light of our defensive record this season.

He’s average, which isn’t a bad thing but if we continue lining up with him our 11 our ceiling will be 4th place battles.

33 year old Kompany, with a career of soft muscle tissue injuries, on big wages and 3 year deal would be a great buy tbh.


Sokratis isn’t average, he’s one of the best CBs in the PL. The reason our defense is shite is because of Mustafi, Xhaka are shite, Bellerin makes too many mistakes and Leno’s made his share of blunders.

Who said anything about giving Kompany a 3 year contract?