Summer Transfers Thread


You’re a terrible Ajax fan


He is leaving anyway, might as well go to the best club in world football.


Any Arsenal players you wouldn’t mind there?


Bl1nk 4D Chess :unai:


A youth player maybe. Someone like Nketiah or Emile Smith Rowe would be really interesting.


We have some surplus world-class players if you need any. Mustafi, Xhaka and Mkhitaryan all available at only 30m each.


Doubt Ajax would be up for that with the wages they’d be demanding.




We have a German world cup winner at CB who can replace him @Bl1nk


Yeah pretty sure we’ll do enough to get top 4 now.

Very important summer ahead, we have to add real quality to solidify our place in the Champions League.

I suspect Chelsea and Spurs will start to have down years moving forward.


Maybe not but they would only be rotational and we won’t have funds in one summer to fix our issues. Anyway, it is a bit of thought experiment, which me that has attractive elements.


But we are probably not an attractive destination for De Ligt. There will be clubs after him from the highest level so it’s not really necessary for him to come here.


Like I said, long shot. But if we make top 4 and bid silly money (50+), I think it’s not impossible.


But I got the sense it is, because other bigger clubs are after him. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if he rejected Arsenal regardless of the offer they might make.





Is that the Suso that was at Liverpool :joy:? Please tell me it’s someone different.


I’m susopicious of this rumour tbh. Ivan ain’t going to do shit for us.


I wouldn’t worry. He was shit that game anyways.