Summer Transfers Thread


There’s two wingers I think Arsenal should go all the way with, Nicolas Pepe or Thomas Lemar. Rest have potential but you get more bang for your buck with these two.


3 goals and 6 assists in 18 matches at age 21. Not sure anything is wrong with his end product.


I suppose you haven’t seen him play that much?


So hyped. Can’t wait to get my bruised banana custom away shirt with Ündertaker on the back.


How much do you guys reckon Zaha goes for now?
Note: 27 in November plus he hasn’t replicated last season’s form.


About 30-35 mil premium for being English an Palace will need the money to replace him.

We sending that kind off money to Palace I rather it was for bissaka


He is Palace’s most important player so I reckon they’d want much more than £30m. Probably at least double that. Last summer it was reported that they had put a £70m pricetag on him. And he has signed a new long term deal since then.


More than he is worth at about 60 million. Not his fault the markets like that but it could be the reason he doesnt get to a top club he wants.
Id not want to gamble on him tbh.



Think they ment to link us with lascelles Instead


Think we were linked with him when he played for Basel.


Ah but can Lascelles score a screamer from 25 yards? We’re in need of another player the rent a crowd can scream “shoot” at every time he takes the ball past the halfway line.


Isn’t that why we signed xhaka for them long shots before wenger beat it out off him.

I happy if we buy either of schar or lascelles they can at least defend an help keep clean sheets


So I am going to go against what I have been saying about wide attacking player as big need… stay with me here, I am not saying it isn’t true, but rather perhaps this is time to address 2 long-term situations plus pounce on a free transfer signing that has potential to be very useful.

Again, not necessarily saying I would do this, but it is an interesting thought experiment.

Sell Moose, Chambers (and any other useless loans), let the freebies leave which should give us tons of wage room and something like 30 million to work with.

Rely on Ozil, Iwobi, Nelson, ESR, and Auba as our wide options, along with Kola (keeping him for now, but that is optional under this scenario). Monreal is also optional, but we would need to keep one of Monreal or Kola at least.

Sign Rabiot on a free this summer (maybe a long shot since he will want big wages without transfer fee). Buy De Ligt and Tierney - solve a CB and LB for long term… they will cost upwards of 80 million combined I reckon, but so what? That is a net spend of 50 million or less, totally doable. Wages should work. You have Sokratis for a couple more years, Holding, De Ligt, and maybe Mavro/Medley… can let Koss retire either now or one more year and Monreal can be emergency CB if he stays.


If we pull off signing De Ligt then we’ve got some serious pull.


Yeah I think it is incredibly unlikely, but it is the kind of move that would be bold and expensive and unexpected.


Nowhere near ready to contribute anything meaningful


Yeah, need to go big on a move this summer. Either on a winger or a CB. There is a plethora of talent we can realistically go for the former but I’m still beating my head for the latter. Honestly, if we can’t find one I would prefer getting someone experienced under 30 in to replace Mustafi and we give it a go again in 2020.

I just have a feeling we will end up paying a hefty price for a guy like Manolas and rely on Papa to get him sorted. That’s a big risk.


True. If we end up with CL football then we’ll need something more.


Ah man…

:white_check_mark: Champions League secured
:white_check_mark: Sign Matthijs de Ligt

Summer succesful. :white_check_mark: