Summer Transfers Thread


Tuesday club eh? :eyes:



and have been to visit the town.

:gabriel: :gabriel: :bellerin:


Shittest city in Scotland? :arteta:


Tierney? Na. I dun want nee Scottish playing for muh Arsenal. Just about to get rid of one Brit from an irrelevant country. :ramsey:



Surprise surprise! Bayern getting another good german player.


Lol :poldi:


Bayernliga at it again lol


Then they win fuck all in Europe :mustafi:


@Luca_from_Italy who is this?


@Bl1nk knows him, tbh. Ajax’s RB.


Wouldn’t say no. @Bl1nk can we get you to weigh in?


Linked with Real now as well.


if we’re buying him we’d better IQ test him first, make sure Müller didn’t turn him into a vegetable.


Tagliafico is a great left-back. Would love him here.


He’s a leftie.


Is 25 million euro buyout for Julián Brandt correct and how is he doing these days? Would be brilliant bit of business if he is still promising.


no idea about a clause, he’s looking fine, he can hold his own and then some. I’d expect him to want to start though and I can’t see us putting the effort in to ‘replace’ Gonzo or Torreira as long as we’re as limited in our transfer budget as the rumours have it. If anything out of the Leverkusen squad I’d rather take one of Bailey or Havertz who are even younger and perhaps more what we need. If we ship Xhaka or neny and can convince him to take turns however then absolutely, he is def. doing well.


I thought Brandt was playing on the wing?

Fully agree on Bailey and Kai but they will be expensive.


Agree. From what I seen this season tho Bailey has been very on and off the boil but Havertz is a baller