Summer Transfers Thread


I don’t see much football from Scotland but I do follow Dunfermline, as I’ve got friends there, and have been to visit the town.

But I also follow the Highland League and look out for Fort William because their goals against tally is amazing.
They let in an average of six or more goals a game and score about a goal every other game and because there’s no relegation, they are nearly always bottom and some seasons don’t even win a game.

When my brother and some mates went to their ground and asked if there was a souvenir shop, the lady serving dragged out a box from underneath a table and asked them what they would like.


I like Airdrieonians because I like saying Airdrionians.


Calum is Titiboy confirmed :wenger2:


I quite like saying Inverness Caledonian Thistle because it has so many syllables but for some reason I also like Hamilton Academicals as it’s bit of a tongue twister.

But not as difficult to say as the most famous Scottish football result, Forfar 5 East Fife 4, which happened quite recently in a penalty shot out.


Is every man not a Titiboy? :henry2:


Nah, there can only ever be one Titiboy, that dude was Thierry fanboy through and through. :grin: Never forget the time he posted in the Barcelona thread on old OA, posting a picture of Messi wrapped up in a blanket on a plane, feeling sorry he’s under the weather ffs :arteta: Once TH14 left us, he really didn’t care for Arsenal in the slightest haha.


I’m not.


Yeah but what Scottish team do you support?

Theres your answer.


Jakey I really don’t see what your getting at here haha it wasn’t the standard of the league that made me support Arsenal.


Just say Ross County.


You said your league was average and not poor. Justify yourself.

There’s your answer.


This is cracking me up :joy:


Lol Jakey there isn’t much of a leap from poor to average ffs! You’d think I said it was brilliant :joy:

You usually only argue over stuff like this on Friday nights when your steaming haha




wow…did someone piss in your pint? :cech:




Drunk midweek? :thinking:


he went full on bronson there


Typical from him, tbh.


Well it may be a Tuesday but here we are