Summer Transfers Thread


I agree.
Emery has to sort out the situation with Ozil because to replace him would be almost impossible with the money we’ll get for him but I think he will stay.
Mkhitayran, Iwobi and Xhaka seems to be preferred by Emery so they are very good options and Mustafi is another that is fine as a squad player, and we aren’t going to get much for him anyway.


If some cunt says ‘but Scottish league’ in this case, I’ll fucking lose it :arteta:


Where do they think Andy Robertson came from haha.


Tell 'em son.

There’s gems to be found everywhere.


Is he any good? You are scottish so you should know him.


It’s a poor league, but not all the players are poor. Ntcham who also plays for Celtic is getting rave reviews too. He was originally at Man City but made a grand total of 0 appearances.



Thank you, my learned peeps.

I should never have doubted yous, I know you are true connoisseurs of football. :wenger2:

@Luca_from_Italy 2nd best Scottish player after Robertson tbh :arteta:

He is good.


Not ideal when your two best players both occupy the same position haha. Think we’re having that problem right now where some of our brightest talent (Hakimi, Mazraoui, Hamza) are all full backs. We need CMs and strikers not more full backs.


So you only have good full backs lol!


I wouldn’t say its a poor league more average.


Even Luca can’t be bothered with it and he follows the Europa League preliminaries :grin:


Scotland’s domestic league position, had a UEFA co efficent ranking of 26th in 2018 ffs :arteta: It’s currently moved up a few spots to 20th, but considering some of the other countries around this area, they’ve dropped down quite a lot in the last few years. I’d say anyone who is outside the top 15, has a pretty piss poor League.


That is still very possibly 5-6 players leaving. To me Welbeck, Ramsey, El Neny, Lichty are all 100% gone with Cech, Koss, Jenko, Moose, And Ozil very possible also.

We likely have ESR and Nelson back, but they won’t be regular starters. But it’s totally plausible that we have 7-8 holes to fill depending on how you think about Emile and Reece.


Arsenal fans will turn their noses up at him regardless the same way they did with Evans even though he’s a brilliant defender too, albeit age was not on his side.

What people fail to realize is that the only decent players NI, Scotland and hell even England can produce are defenders and we should be certainly looking at British options to shore up our defense.

If I could sign one player this summer it would be Maguire, and I honest to god never thought I’d say that considering how much he got on my tits at the World Cup, but every time I’ve watched him this season I’ve been very impressed and it wouldn’t suprise me if United make him their number one target this summer.

Tierney, Max Aarons and Maguire would sort us out defensively and even if it would cost 150 million I think you’d make that back and then some down the line.


To clarify on my post I wrote on Evans earlier and forgot to respond back to where I wrote that people would be furious at signing Evans, I don’t particularly have anything against him, my point was more about how people would’ve looked at the signing of a third 30+ defender on like a 3yr contract at £80k or w/e he’s at right now, and say well, great or CB line up is a bunch of 30+ defenders on long contracts with fat salaries, and that would be horrible, because it would turn out we’d concede as many goals anyway as we systematically cannot defend for shit no matter who you put there. Our defensive issues feels something like four parts shitty structuring and one part bad players. And we’d end up with a bunch of old ppl on newly signed contracts.

You’d end up 2-3 years from now with 0 resale value on Lichsteiner, Koscielny, Monreal, Papa and Evans, a bulk of our defensive squad, meanwhile they’d sit and want their salaries all season long while we spend the next transfer windows buying nothing but defensive replacements and being stuck with “double rents”.

And since I feel our defending looks exactly the same as it did a year ago people would be furious lol It has less to do with wether or not Evans is alright or not, just to clarify.




Oh yeh I knew where you were coming from and I wasn’t lumping you - or anyone else on this forum -in with those Reddit sheeple on R/gunners.

It just seems that we as fans don’t want to look for simple pragmatic solutions to our woes and I believe that we’ve ignored the SPL, the EPL and the championship far too long in favor of the exotic foreign defenders with fancy names like Mustafi.

Credit where it’s due Holding was a superb buy and he’s the sort of signing we should be making 2 or 3 of every year.


You support Arsenal. Which Scottish team do you support?

There’s your answer.


I agree with Welbeck and Ramsey as their contracts have run down, but I think Elneny will stay.
I hope Lichtsteiner and Jenkinson go but Mustafi is more than good enough as cover for whoever Emery buys as a starting CB and Kos might go because of his injury problems.

The fact that if most of these players go, it means we might have seven or eight places to fill, and that is why I don’t think all of them will go.

Welbeck, Ramsey and Kos are all experienced players and can’t be replaced with anything less, although the others could be replaced with younger players with potential.

It seems that every season we all talk about getting rid of the high earning, non performing players, and yet we always seem to be lumbered with so many of them.

Although we need three or four top quality players coming in and even more going out, I doubt we will see more than one big signing and possibly three or four players leaving.

Our transfer windows are predictably underwhelming.


Tbh I just liked Henry and started to get into the team an old school friend supported as he had family in London. It wasn’t because Scottish football was shit lol. Didn’t have any interest in football till about 2003 :joy: