Summer Transfers Thread


Ok calling it now…Overmars to Arsenal to take up new Sporting Director role in the summer, who will bring de Ligt with him from Ajax…just need Champions League Football.

Also thinking that Wenger will take up a new manager role and will make Ozil his first signing.


De Ligt? What are you smoking haha


We could promote a load of u23 as well


Yeah De Ligt will be Barca, PSG, or Real bound I reckon… or maybe City… god they would be brilliant to buy him up.


Yeah what reason would he have to choose Arsenal ? Even if we were willing to pay the fee required to secure him.




If everyone is full fit, only Leno, Sokratis, Bellerin, Guendouzi, Torreira and Aubameyang are the only guaranteed starters for Arsenal right now in 2019/20.


I’d be very upset is Guendouzi is a guaranteed starter next season.


even if he is WC by then? :giroud:


Impossible lol


Haha why does Lacazette never warms anyone’s heart?


Unpopular opinion: This is a Europa League level midfield duo.


By that he meant that his hair will finally attain its deserved WC tag.


Torreira will shine - I have no doubt about that


Good player but one we should be looking to cash in on as we could probably get back £50m for him.


I’d be all for selling Laca and bringing in Fekir.

Someone has to go for that guy.


I get what you mean but I find him much more consistent than Auba.
Considering we have such a druaght of quality players, I rather keep him than sell


We need to be smarter with our assets and holding onto a player like Laca who’s never going to be “the man” when we could get back £50m+ for him is the sensible decision.


Considering how we majorly lack creativity Auba has been doing incredibly well.

I still maintain the team is not set up to get the best out of him.


I love Laca more than his mother but i’ll understand if we sell him.