Summer Transfers Thread


Pjanic spends most of his season playing really poorly and pops up with the odd good performance. Costa is another one who PL fans seem to think highly of but he’s headless.


I think they’re both better than anything we currently have in those positions. :gabriel:



Calciomercato via ESPN. Next. :sweat_smile:.


Havertz is fine as fk and so is Bailey and Brandt. There’s a difference in playing at Lev and Ars though, inexperience is easier to get away with for them there comp. to here, great prospect but should we take chances on prospects right now?


We aren’t challenging for shit in the short term so that’s the way to go.

Overall we should be building for the long term.


Lol Emery better be getting the sack if we’re going for this guy.

Unless Arsenal is the type of club to pay millions to a youngster to just ride the bench.

What makes anyone think that the guy that benches Ozil will play a similar player?


That’s the way we should go about building our team tbh. Easier attainable, lower wages. I’ve been saying this before but Arsenal should just buy a bunch of u-23s and go from there.


Arsenal losing, rumours starting to come out again. You couldn’t make it up.


You lazy bast.


Guy was a boss in the last couple of years FM… don’t know much about him otherwise, but seems the exact profile we should be after imho.


Havertz is incredible. Wonder signing that.


A leader at 19

Not a similar player :wenger2:


I don’t think we can speak about his leadership qualities until we know more about his house key situation.


Say what??



This would be an amazing signing and just the sort of signings we should be trying to make, but as @Electrifying said it could well be pointless under Unai Emery’s stewardship even if it did happen.


Birmingham City’s Che Adams


He’ll end up at Everton… lol.


Tis destiny!

Che Zach Everton Fred Adams is an English professional footballer


Should get Haller or Jovic. They are fantastic.