Summer Transfers Thread




Sounds like a parting gift from Sven. Another bang average ex-Dortmund player.


We will continue to be monitoring him right up to the point he retires and then start monitoring another Dortmund CB.


Surprised we aren’t still chasing Hidetoshi Nakata at this rate.


What he say fam?


Some bollocks about how we’re a club that wants to win shit.


Ahhh, okay. Just the usual bullshit.


I wish I had people like this for work. Would listen in on meetings and tell me “nothing happened, it was bullshit”… would take care of 3/4ths of the meetings I’m in.


I have it good. I got a team of people that let each other know when some bullshit is happening. Saves us all time.


@Electrifying is chatting shit. Lots of insight. Those loan deals sounded like we were trying to get them done. Talks about the power struggle between Sven and Sanllehi. Emery genuinely is going for players he’s managed and knows/trusts. Apparently those loan attempts were legit. Talks about a culture of complacency.

And Ornie reckons Kroenke’s intentions of whether he wants us to compete or not get revealed this summer.


Been thinking about this and still think he should be flogged tbh. I’ve seen enough to know what he can offer

Dont like the idea of any bench player being on around £90k p/w.


Need to capitalize on the notion that he is having a great season. Could easily recoup all our money back or even make profit on him.
Back to Earth, no chance in hell it happens. We’ll probably stick with him as DM and waste Torreira to the right as a #8.


Unai Emery is all team #centremidfielder. I think Guendouzi, Xhaka and Torreira all have a future here with regular playing time tbh. Maybe Elneny will look for a way out since his playing time is non-existent.


Juventus are preparing a £175m move for Liverpool star Mohamed Salah, according to reports.

How rich are they??


Exor N.V. is the holding company that have investments in Juventus, Fiat, Ferrari and a few other organisations. Last I checked they had a revenue north of €130 billion.

Not to mention the chairman Andrea Agnelli has a personal wealth north of €13 billion.

So they’re pretty wealthy. They’re a very well run club too and they’ve rebranded very well.

Not sure about the mega money they paid Emre Can and they’ll be paying Ramsey though. Just seems like a waste of money. At least with CR7 it’s boosted the clubs profile exponentially. Gave them an extra 10 million followers on Insta and helped them secure several new partnerships, allowed them to increase season tickets by an average of 30% (more than doubling the revenue they receive from ticket sales) and netting them good earning from shirt sales (even if the club only take home about 20-25% of that).


Agnellis going to bankrupt everything in this quest for the CL :arteta:

Ferrari spending record amounts in F1 too.

I guess the new Alfa’s must be selling well…


That would be great side with Salah, Ronaldo, Khedira, Pjanic, Costa, Dybala…and…er…Ramsey.


Those two look like the ones to get the boot in that situation.

Wouldn’t say no to either.

They are stuck with the expiring corpse of Khedira. He’s looked not great for them.


uh Pjanic is the heart of Juventus atm.


New stadium and Exor is full of money.