Summer Transfers Thread


I trust we will sign good players anyway with baldzidas gone and Sven who loves Dortmund players haha


I’ve seen other tweets say otherwise. Which ones are true :stuck_out_tongue:?


Whatever we spend it won’t be enough to fix this shit show.


You’re right mate there’s no hope.

You and me mate, suicide pact, it’s on.


Ornstein said upto 100m if we got CL football


Let’s fucking do it.


Godin is going to Inter.


Let make a cake out of bleach and razor blades and make a real fucking mess for our loved ones


Have you googled this before cristo you seem an expert? :thinking:


Should get Giroud back on a free for the craic.


If the club needs me to, I’ll pick up selling crack again so we can get more transfer funds into the club. And if push really comes to shove, I’ll get back on the stripper pole too.


Yeah when he switched on Love Island.





He shoots, he scores!


Given the rumored names going out, I would personally like us to go for Ndombele/Cyprien and Pepe/Lemar. As for the defensive side, don’t know how management feels about the current crop and how they’ll handle it. Many pathways to go about it.


Are you kidding me? :bellerin:


Mustafi, Xhaka and Kolasinac have to be sold immediately


It’s messed up but I see us offloading only one of those three if any at all.


Tend to agree - I reckon either Moose or Kola is gone if we get a top left back or top central defender. Frankly, if we got a proper DLP/DM and a top CB, I’d be ok waiting a bit longer with Kola - we realistically aren’t selling and replacing all 3 of those. We so badly need Nelson and ESR to return and take the league by storm and for Iwobi to somehow blossom.


Litmus test for address book Raul