Summer Transfers Thread



Reckon Fulham


Yup, Seri convinced him. Makes sense.


Why isn’t Barnet on there


Damn. Would have been good bantz.


Fulham are now favourites.


This tweeter response cracked me up:

Yaya Toure’s agent has confirmed that the player has passed a medical for a London club… His agent said in the past that he’d be willing to play for a wage of £1 a week so that rules Tottenham out as Levy would only offer 70p at most


Its Olympiacos


Aah that famous London borough of… Piraeus.


How can clubs still sign players though? Is it if it is on a free or something?


Yep. There’s the transfer window and the registration period which are usually the same thing but this season are different. What I’m not clear on is whether or not playing teams have confirmed their 25 man squads. In which case the signing would be useless until January.

Actually might be interesting to see what would happen in a Neymar style buying out the contract situation if clubs can still register freebies.


Transfer window isn’t shut in Greece


You have to be a complete mug to agree to Yaya’s demands. Unless Yaya is gonna take a massive, massive pay cut to join that team, which I don’t think is plausible.


I think he meant if it was West Ham/Fulham signing him.


Back to Greece, then.


If he can get over his injury issues I wouldn’t mind him tbh


He’s better than Mustafi which is already a start tbh.


We have a January transfer thread here. Probs better to close this until next summer and use that

Baily hasn’t been that impressive for Utd no?


Haven’t seen enough of him


I like Bailey just needs to keep fit, can’t see us signing him though.