Summer Transfers Thread


Marchisio has definitely slipped over the last couple of seasons but even at 32 I still feel he’d add value to our midfield. He has the kind of qualities that players like Torreira and Guendouzi could learn from.

Would be a good deal tbh.


I just personally couldn’t warrant getting him in with the players we have. With Guendouzi, Ramsey, Torreira, Xhaka and Elneny on our books he isn’t getting anywhere near the lineup.



who? Igor the diver…last thing we need is a knuckle dragging diver in our team :giroud:


Arsenal almost signed defender Hamza Mendyl from Lille in the summer, only for work permit problems to scupper the deal, it has been revealed.

The Morocco international left-back, who was a member of his country’s squad at the 2018 World Cup, joined Schalke from the French club earlier this week.

However, Mendyl had previously travelled to London ahead of a proposed move to the Emirates Stadium, and the Bundesliga club’s sporting director, Christian Heidel, insists that paperwork problems are all that stopped the transfer.

“I think otherwise he would have gone to Arsenal,” Heidel said, when asked about the work permits


Serious? He must be a complete shell of his former self if true.


Devastated about that. Would have had a shirt with Mendyl on the back within the week lol.

Haven’t had a good left back in years now all of a sudden we’ve got two top young left backs lol


Sounds like a class player. :disappointed: Would have been our #1 LB from the start


Are their stricter rules for international players from ‘lesser’ nations? He has played 13 international games and was at the world cup.


Sorry I think I didn’t word it too well. What I meant was; whilst we have those 5 CMs on the book it’s hard to justify considering Marchisio for us purely from a numbers point of view. Especially when reducing the wage bill seems to be amongst the priorities :+1:t3:

But yeah, from what I’ve heard and as @SRCJJ said, he’s a shadow of what he was


Twitter says he’s shit and were underwhelmed with the links.

But then these new Twitter accounts know fuck all.


He’s absolutely nothing special but for our (Morocco) standards it’s nice to have two good left backs.

Think he has potential to have a solid career though.


I know how you mean, what with Robertson and Tierney :arteta:

Shame we’re shite everywhere else, unlike Morocco.


Would take him over Xhaka immediately, tbh.





Well, I could really use a kill myself emoji if this happens.


West Ham, surely


West Ham do love a good mid 30s ex big club player.


No chance he comes here, albeit he would still better than Xhaka lol!