Summer Transfers Thread


I don’t know lol!


Four Four Two are just making up transfers it seems… :thinking:


Parma want Gervinho. Couldn’t wait to watch him live :arteta:


Look at this lads.

Our net spend is actually only worse than the Manchester’s. We are willing to spend.

Truly what is killing us is the pitiful money we get for selling players.

Wenger’s wage structure truly was a disease. If we are to invest properly, we have to learn to sell for better fees


It’s also from not investing in the past so we don’t have good players to sell alongside buying flops. It’s also due to the Alexis contract cock up, losing Wilshere on a free etc. Now Welbeck and Ramsey are probably going on frees too which is another 50m down the toilet.


Yep, this kinda shit needs to stop.

Although I think Ramsey will sign.

It’s why Wenger buying cheap at the end of his reign was a horrible decision. Welbeck for £17m :gabriel:

Perez :gabriel:

Mustafi, Xhaka :gabriel:



what the fuck is a Laxalt? sounds like a drug to increase bowel movements


Do you know it well? :henry2: :unai:


Laxalt, Higuain, Caldara, Reina, Bakayoko… it’s been a much better summer for Milan this year.

With any luck they cut Gattuso and hire Conte.


Really disappointing looking back at 2014 onwards

It’s series of poor investment choices and general mismanagement from Wenger pure and simple.


Since the Sanchez transfer it’s really just been a load of bollocks hasn’t it.

Which is so strange as when Wenger had little money to spend, even his panic buys (Arteta and Mert, Yossi) did a good job for us.


I have a theory that Wenger actually preferred his back to the wall in terms of finances.


being stripped for cash turns him on :henry2::henry2:


Until it was his own wallet the fucking miser.


Exactly. What this graphic doesn’t show is that from 06-07 through 13-14 we were net sellers in the transfer market.

We invested nothing in the market for an eight year period, the best players we produced we ended up selling before prices truly exploded, and our player development toward the end of that period under Wenger was shit. So we were left with few assets to sell and several of those were squandered by Wenger’s stubborn insistence on holding onto the same players rather than turning over the team.

The club has paid an enormous price for the misguided decision - clearly shared by both Wenger and the owners at the time - not to run small relatively small deficits and invest more in the team during the 06-14 period.


It really was horrible foresight not accounting for how popular the PL rights were getting and adjusting plans accordingly.

Maybe I’m completely wrong but surely the peeps in charge should have seen the game was being inflated with money and having quality players was a better long term asset than just cash?


I saw all that so yes, they should have seen it.


Then Gazidis can definitely fuck off to Milan for all I care.


Both these posts describe perfectly what went wrong after we moved to the Emirates.

We invested in cheap inadequate players, which meant the few world class players we had could see the clubs ambitions didn’t match theirs, and consequently wanted to leave.

We then had to sell these players, but rather than getting world class players fees for them we sold them for far less than they were worth.
The money we did receive from transfers was never reinvested in anything like the quality that was needed to replace them.

But possibly worse than all that, we were paying dross players almost the same as our best players and giving them long contracts, which meant we couldn’t get rid of them, yet our top players were allowed to let their contracts run down so we couldn’t get higher prices for them.

Wenger prided himself on being an economics expert but I can only assume it was home economics he was good at, because in the transfer market, his negotiating skills were useless.
The persistent haggling, and waiting right until the end of every transfer window to do business, meant that the selling club pushed the price up and inevitably we lost out far too many times on players we were desperate for.

For such a big European club, we are an absolute shambles when it comes to transfers, contracts and the recruitment of players.


A perfect summary.

And why blaming Kroenkes and the board may have its merits, but there are other causes of this BS