Summer Transfers Thread




Edit: just a loan with no option to buy


Good riddance.


Doesn’t look like he’s returning… :joy:


So basically we are deciding to lose Welbeck on a free ? Smart management of trying to cash in on the English premium, well done Arsenal.


he hasnt got any value really, he is on expensive wages which no one wants to pay with a transfer fee, we have been left with a lot of shit players which are aging not worth much and on high wages from wengers shit socialist structure.


Tbh we can’t sell all our backup strikers haha.


Who said anything about selling Lacazette?


I couldn’t care less if someone like Eddie got Welbeck’s minutes tbh, in fact I’d rather it.


Think he is just being realistic, Welbeck isn’t leaving England and he’s gonna be part of the squad so why publicly declare him as surplus to requirements.


Either that or he’s had a look at him in training and thought, fuck me, what do I need another LB to play on LW away from home for, I’ve already got one in Wele :heart_eyes:


We need more than one backup striker if we are playing both Auba and Laca


I guess if some of the shit you listen to you is considered music then it makes some sense that Welbeck could be considered a striker, yeh


Don’t see why your being a cunt tbh.

He’s one of our back up strikers. We can’t go through the season with just Auba, Laca and Eddie


Yeah I’d have signed a winger so I suppose in that case we’d only be starting Auba, but because of our mismanaged squad it seems Auba will start out wide.


he was born one???


Welbeck is a striker like Coquelin is an attacking midfielder.

Welbeck is a defensive forward/auxiliary wing back and that’s how he’ll be played.


Of course you could.


What doesn’t make sense is the start of your sentence.


What definitely makes sense is that that would offend our resident pedant :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::love_you_gesture:t5:


Who the fuck is this guy ?? @Luca_from_Italy