Summer Transfers Thread


Colchester releasing Kem Izzet?



May as well keep Welbeck as we have practically zero natural wingers at the club.


At least it looks like Welbeck will not be offered a new contract thank god.

We will be shot of him next season, I truly hope Eddie is now above him in the pecking order for CF at least, I admit Welbeck could do a job at LW at times.


Why would he be in contention to leave? Didn’t he just sign a new deal and acquire squad number 4?


Until Unai realises his work ethic on the wing :unai:


That window has nothing on 2011.



Michy made a terrible decision moving to Chelsea. Surely he fits Sarri’s style more so than Giroud?


So Chelsea go until january with just Morata and Giroud upfront. Good luck.


Tammy Abraham too. It’s good news for him personally – as he’s likely to get his chances now.

But for Chelsea in general, I don’t know if there is enough goals with that strike force. They’ll need their midfield to help out more on that front.


Jorginho, Kantè and Kovacic don’t score enough goals, tbh.


Facilitation could be the bollocks though.


Why would Chelsea loan out their best striker?


They haven’t, Giroud is still there :giroud:


Final rating on our transfer window is tough, because it is so contingent upon what we really end up getting from Papa and Leno.

I am going to go with my gut and say Papa doesn’t work out great and is just another in a string of “meh” defenders… however, this will be somewhat mitigated by improved performances by Holding and Moose (dear god please), and an emerging Mavro.

Leno I am going put my faith in our WC goal-keeping coach and allow myself to believe he will be at least good and an overall improvement on an aging Cech, with perhaps more upside.

I believe Torreira and Goozey are fine signings and signal less reliance on Xhaka… and clearing out more of the deadwood is good progress.

If Ramsey resigns, that is a positive to me as well at this point.

So, I’ll go with a final rating of 6, with potential to +/-2 depending on how those 3 things shake out. Not a bad start to what was a messy situation squad-wise.


A lot rests on Hazard to massively increase his numbers now, by being serviced by that midfield.

As you guys said, Kovacic and Jorginho are great for buildup but not so much in terms of goals or assists in final third.

And for Morata to not be shit anymore.


Morata’s such a weird one because his movement and timing is terrific. It’s not as if he’s not had the chances. His finishing has been inexplicable on a whole. Surely the only way is up on that front?


Like gervinho. OMG if that guy would have just sorted out some of his decision making and finishing what he player he would be. I used to remember him skinning players for fun then getting into the dangerous areas of a pitch then it was like WHAT THE FUCK. For some stupid reason always passing to no one not shooting when he should have, making efforts that a kindergarten kid would do better with and you think ‘you have done the hard part you skinned 4 defenders got in front of goal and then it is what the fuck are you doing you numpty that should be an easy goal.’


Inter have had by far the best transfer window of any European team, surely?

Them or Barcelona