Summer Transfers Thread


Just saying that is the span of position they will float through during the season. Don’t think they will get relegated.


Was the Hamza Mendyl interest real?


Real lame.


I think Everton have done well in this years window…some good last minute business today. Mina could be a really good signing for them. Be interesting to see how they do this season and whether they can finish in the top 6…


We said the same thing about them last season.


I didn’t!





Fulham madness! :henry2:


Reckon they opted for Ings over Welbeck…


Hahaha first thing I thought of, can’t believe there’s actually someone called that in football :joy:


How the fuck have Liverpool managed to get £20m for Danny Ings?!


We’d have got 3.5 million if it was us selling him.


Chelsea and Pool show us how to sell dross and get respectable fees in return.


What in the fuck!

The man has 14 apps for LFC!


So has the early window gone for or against English clubs? Nobody appeared to be landing the big deals later in the window. Unless we overpay the foreign clubs probably don’t have the same urgency to get things done.


A lot of big deals were made last summer/winter. Morata, Aubameyang, the two fullbacks for 100 million, Lukaku and so forth. We’re not going to have fireworks every transfer window.

Having said that Liverpool and Chelsea each bought a goalkeeper for 70 million and City spend 50 million on Mahrez :grinning:. Only United and Spurs have had really quiet summers really. For us it’s was normal, City didn’t need much and Liverpool and Chelsea did just spend.


With yesterday’s shitty transfer activity, I think it’s fair to reminisce about the pure joy and excitement of the best deadline day in the history of deadline days.


There hasn’t been a single benefit.


Glorious day.