Summer Transfers Thread


wtf it seems every day Fulham sign another 5 players :joy::joy::joy:


Love the ambition from Fulham.

They went IN this window and astutely signed some good players, keeping Sessegnon was massive too.




Wtf man that Fulham team could possibly break into the top 6 lol

How tf did they sign vietto

@JakeyBoy agreed that’s what I gave the window a 4/10 but for the first window it’s not terrible and I guess got to see what happens in the latter ones.

I guess with Europa again it was always going to be a bit tough so we badly need to be back in the cl to make the most out our guys.


Don’t underestime how long it takes for a new team to gel, if it will at all.

Could backfire completely.


That’s a top 10 team


Yeah, but they can do it gradually. And that XI is only including the players they’ve brought in – not all of those signings will be first XI regulars.

It’s going to be interesting for sure though, watching them and Wolves.


Wolves and Fulham did great but not convinced by Everton’s (or WHU) window at all.

Overspent by the looks of things and got a lot of dodgy guys in.


Montoya is decent no?


Is he the fullback?




He’s certainly decent enough for Brighton.


Fulham are killing it


Bissouma looks like a promising investment for Brighton too.

There are too many new players. It’s making fantasy football difficult :sob:


I bet Fulham will be in that 14-relegation zone all year.


I’m not sure 14th is really a relegation zone position if that is what you mean. Depending on the season that’s an easy fight against relegation.


So what time does the window officially shut ?


3 hours ago.


Ah yep the the usual 11pm UK time, cheers.


They could easily finish 6th/7th, but they have really changed too much. Let’s see if it works.