Summer Transfers Thread


Torreira is the 2 points if Leno and Sokratis are shite haha

Edit: 4 is harsh, I’ll say 5, bonus points for avoiding minefields like Fellaini Vida and Gomes


Would give it a 9 if we got a good winger in, should keep in mind this is our 2nd season outside the CL, so the pool of players isn’t as large as it used to be, this is why its crucial we need to get back in ASAP.

Just look at the signings Liverpool was making in the EL, compared to being in the CL, big difference.


Thank fuck we didn’t end up with Andre fucking Gomes.


Steadying the ship with ‘adequate’ players as far as I can tell, signing Torreira a plus and signing Guendouzi, who looks like a brilliant player in the making. That’s a pretty decent window if I’m honest.

I think it’s fairer for Emery to have a season implementing his ideas and understanding what he’s working with and then seriously judging him/the board on that summer’s dealings.



6,5/10 for me.


Who is Mendyl???


All of OA r.n.


Has it been the most boring PL window in this decade?


Ahh read up on him! Hot shot young LB from Lille. So when is the window shut?


Been shut for about an hour and a half.

That mendyl stuff is obvious bollocks.

Is this not that utter cunt bum that let England through in the WC, among other errors?

West Ham fans will be rioting about half these guys come December :arteta:


They have until 7pm to process any transfers though. So if the first steps have been made it could still go through.



Did this guy not play for villa a few years ago?


The lengths some of our psycho fans will go through :arteta:

That’s a parody account btw^


Stop being a cuntish scottish. Thanks.


Blimey. Fulham have definitely won this transfer window… mind you, they have spent over £100m


It’s possible to have wanted more from this window without thinking that we could get everything done


If you only care for the top six it is. I think other clubs have done some interesting stuff.


Winning a transfer window? Just like Everton won it last season and where even shittier than their usual shitty self.

Too much time being spent on transfers. A successful fooball team is made on the training ground.


I’m not certain Mustafi can be trained.