Summer Transfers Thread


It’s funny but at the time I felt we done some really good business but I thought we had time to maybe sort out one or two more important moves. The Chambers loan has sullied it for me a little bit as he’d easily be our 3rd choice and it’s just standard Arsenal to go into a season understaffed in vital positions.

I’m really stoked with Torrerria and if you added PEA to this list of recruitments I’d be over the moon but for some reason I’m just feeling a bit hollow today, it doesn’t feel like we’ve went all out give Emery the best chance to succeed.



Honestly, no clue. Normally during a window we sign someone that I have a bit of an interest in watching. Couldn’t care less about any signing we’ve made this window. Not even Lucas.



It’s been penny pinching to the extreme tbh, what happened to a winger and CB?

As it stands we’ve essentially done bare minimum this window.



Torreria was the one I cared about. Don’t really give a fuck about the random bundesliga players we signed lol



Agreed it’s pretty amazing that we’re going into this season with Mkhitaryan as like our only legit wide player, and Mustafi as one of the first names on the team sheet by default. I can’t understand why we don’t at least approach other names on the list if we can’t get Dembele which was always going to be dreamland stuff or Vida, which jesus christ, we can’t even tie down some no name Croatian off the back of a good world cup.

Bit of a shambles really.



We could be a couple of suspension’s or injuries away from our first choice CB pairing being Mavro and Holding :joy:




Given that we’re going into the season with a worse defence than we had last year, I wouldn’t get too stoked about the banter era being over, lol

I’m excited about the Premier League returning in general. So many teams have “done bits”, i’m intrigued to see how they all get on, particularly Wolves and Fulham.

In terms of Arsenal, our attack could be fantastic! But in general, i’m concerned that we’ll be seeing more of the same.



Regarding the defenders. It doesnt look sexy in a game of FIFA, but luckily there is so much more to football than what looks good on paper or not. Defending is 80-90% down to system, organisation, drilling and knowing your job. Wenger didnt give a shite about any of those things and cause of that our defenders looked extremely clownish.

Based on reports and Unais former setups, i think its fair to asume that the defending will improve drastically. Maybe not here and now, but defo in the long term.



Freudian slip with the r instead of the t there…



Just checking in. I assume we’re not signing anyone and the Internet is having a fit about it?



I’m going to be on at least a three season honeymoon with Arsenal because Wenger got kicked to the curb.



I think if we can get rid of Welbz this window will be considered a success. I think the smart supporter is just as happy with outs as ins right now.



I guess we were all too optimistic thinking this would be done in just one window.

This was a good start but now top quality CB and winger is needed.

Getting out the deadwood has been a huge undertaking and is almost complete. I’m so glad that we haven’t got Vida because that would be yet more deadwood.

Praying Leno and Sokratis come good so we don’t have to worry about them.



Not really. Then again I mostly visit here.



Twitter is unbearable mate. Binned it off for the rest of the day and letting the OA ladz keep me updated instead.



This windows was about what I expected. Excited about Torreria. Brought in some experience at the back, even if they aren’t world class. Got Auba in Jan, so no way we were signing a big striker. Would’ve preferred to see at least one top class CB coming in and a top winger, but always doubted that would happen.

He was always going to have to work on a limited budget this window. I like the idea of seeing some of the promising youth we have get more of a chance. They’ll need playing time to develop. It’s risky offloading Chambers and both Perez and Welbz and not bringing in about LB with the Kolas injury, but it does give our youth a chance to develop.

Hoping to see Rambo sign a new contract. Hoping that we’ll see a more disciplined Arsenal this year. I do think top 4 is realistic, but it won’t be easy. Would love to see us win the Europa League and really push for a domestic cup.

I’m excited for this season. Excited to see how we play under Emery. I’m hoping that the with our kit deal doubling in revenue next season that we’ll see 1 or 2 big signings then. If we can get back into the CL, that will be huge in helping that along.



I think it’s actually self imposed conservatism from the new regime. The budget isn’t limited at all.



LOL he used Man United to get a better deal



What a signing!!



Just reminds me of this haha