Summer Transfers Thread


I feel offended reading this. Hleb was incredibly important for our combination football.

Martins has scored more every season for Sporting, but how will it translate?


It’s been reported by Paris United that the Sporting Director of PSG had meetings with Kante’ representatives.


You rated Hleb? Seriously? The guy scored 10 goals in 3 seasons for us…only 10 goals - yeah great end product! and when he left us for Barca he really set the world on fire didn’t he


One of the best dribblers I’ve seen in an Arsenal shirt


I don’t really care what he has done or hasn’t done elsewhere. Hleb was very good for us, he together with Fabregas made us tick. It’s not just about the goals. The game entails a lot more.

Arsenal, Napoli & Inter Milan have all been in contact for Gonçalo Guedes, but the player wants to make a move to Spain, according to Paris United

— Get French Football (@GFFN) 13 juni 2018

Would like him here. Not really the winger I want but still.


Hleb was incredible for us.

Because he didn’t score enough goals for you doesn’t make him shit. That’s a very childish point of view tbh :joy:


Hleb’s first touch and close control was Iniesta-like. Insanely gifted technically.


How is it childish to have an opinion? Hleb was one of many players in the post Invincibles era that seriously failed to deliver


Because you sound like a 12yr old


Who is being childish now?


The first football match I ever watched was the 2006 CL final. Hleb looked head and shoulders better than anyone on the pitch. Like I said I knew nothing about football and I was amazed at how well he dribbled. Bossed the midfield a man down. His performance in that match made me a football fan and Arsenal fan.


Interesting piece of trivia.


Don’t get @The_Invincibles started on Iniesta. Another player who failed to deliver goals so therefore didn’t deliver



@Persona is going to have an orgasm



We’ve shortlisted Götze for like 6 years now lol


These journalists have no fucking imagination with transfer ideas and rumours


What happend to SKY. I grew up when A SKY rumour was as good as done.


I thought Gotze had some serious injury issues?

Boy has he fallen off. Remember when he went to Bayern and he was going to be the next world star.