Summer Transfers Thread




The notion that there will only be 50-70 million pounds available for transfer, either by design or otherwise, doesn’t seem to farfetched looking at the business we’re doing. Including Leno we are at about ~60 million pounds without any out going transfers.


We’re not. If we signed this bloke we’d be £8m ish down.


Sokratis €18 million, Torreira €30 million and Leno around €20 million. Those are the reported fees I’m reading.


Those reported fees completely ignore, intentionally, player amortisation.


I don’t think there is going to be much more than a net spend of 50-70m, and it doesn’t look like there is going to be a marquee signing, like when we bought Ozil or Sanchez.
Torreira looks like a good player, if we get him, and Sokratis, Lichtsteiner and possibly Soyuncu and a GK like Leno, all look adequate but not elite players that are going to take our spending much over our reported budget of a modest 50m.

If Torreira is our biggest signing, even he will only be around 30m, and no other club seems to be competing with us for him which would increase the price in a bidding war.
But at least we don’t seem to be dithering like we used to in previous windows, and Emery is addressing some of the positions we are desperate to fill.


We were not going to make marquee signings anyway.

Anyhow we need to get rid of Welbeck. He has no future here and I really, really, really want Arsenal to add an exciting winger.


Dont get the obsession with ‘marquee signings’. Its entirety subjective concept.

I’d prefer a methodical approach to building a squad with the right pieces. Arsenal’s fans shouldn’t put too much emphasis on this one window.


That would be like a marquee signing :wink:
He is barely ok as a squad player but for the wages he’s on, and not much better than some of the younger players that are on the fringe of the first team, I would definitely sell him for a decent winger.

With high earners like Mertesacker, Cazorla and possibly Wilshere and Welbeck off the wage bill, it means we can still afford a couple more decent signings, even if they aren’t the exciting elite players we can’t afford.


Lichtsteiner, Sokratis and Torreira will not be that cheap I reckon.


Amortisation is something that happens in the years following a transfer. The reports aren’t ignoring that, the fee gets amortised after it’s paid.


Martins would be a good aquisition if we can pull it off. We need a 1v1 player badly.


Our very few marquee signings, like Ozil and Sanchez have proved to be worth what we paid.
Not only do you get great players, it gives the club a lift and a level of excitement.

The transfer windows where we either buy either just a GK, or sell our best players, are usually followed by a poor start to the season because we are under prepared.
Then after a few games we know we have thrown away yet another season and are fighting for just a fourth place trophy.

After watching so many uninspiring transfer windows under Wenger I think the supporters deserve to see a bit more than the bare minimum.
If the supporters paid the bare minimum, and supported a club languishing in the relegation places, making very little profit, I could understand it, but we aren’t.


way too many holes in the squad to dpend time chasing after a marquee signing.


Pace merchant.


Napoli fans must hate us right now lol! We are getting all their targets.


Interestingly enough on my FM Touch 2018 game from a few months ago I signed Lichsteiner, Toreira and castillejo


+1 for the Mole :stuck_out_tongue:?


On the financial books it wont be listed as the full amount, but the amortised amount.


If we agree a fee of 30m but only pay 10m each season for three years then 10m will get listed as a “transfer fee outgoing” for each of the next three years (although they are not listed individually just as a whole).

Amortisation takes the amount of the total transfer fee and divides it by the length of the contract. So 30/5 = 6m a year in amortisation. If after two years he signed an extension for a further ten years then we would take the remaining amortisation amount (so let’s say it’s 12m) and divide that by the new contract length and amortise that amount for the remaining contract.

Money out is money out and can’t be adjusted.