Summer Transfers Thread


I’m not sure because if their contract is legally cancelled Sporting surely won’t have any legal recourse

What’s the story here anyway? Is it just because they were attacked by fans that has deemed Sporting as having broke the contract or is there more to it?


I find it hard to believe a club would cancel contracts of players they could sell on. Makes no sense at all.


That’s what I heard.

It all got very nasty with the fans when about 50 or so broke into the club and attacked the players and staff when the failed to qualify for the CL… they we able to terminate there own contracts due to the events and now the club is trying to stop any more.


That I can understand. I don’t buy the argument that the club terminated the contracts.



It does seem questionable that the club are being held as the responsible party for the actions of individuals commiting violent criminal acts.


Maybe because they broke into the ground…?


Was only considered good because he was young. Just like Renato Sanchez.


Oh I see this leading to a epic list of former young talents :grin:


The thing here is that the chairman himself send those guys to confront the players.


Old news again :xhaka:


Lemar off to Atletico, according to l’équipe.



Atletico have big balls signing a £90m superstar.


I think he has superstar price tag and that’s all.


Lemar to Atlético? :o


€60m euros. Will be interesting to see how he gets on


Replacing Griezmann?


Maybe. If Griez stays it could be seen as a proper replacement for Carrasco who suprisingly ( :moneybag: ) went to China let’s not forget.


No idea mate, i think will know more about that one after the world cup.


Is Griezmann going to Barca though?