Summer Transfers Thread


@Bl1nk Luca just fucking burned you m8


I should have asked for his nationality instead.

Luca 1, me 0.





Not sure about this line up. I really really don’t want to see the 4-3-3 unless Ozil is injured. I am hoping to see 4-2-3-1 implemented. It would be criminal to waste Ozil’s talent on the wing to essentially accommodate Ramsey and Xhaka

As of today I would have a front 4 of Miki, Auba, Ozil/Ramsey and Ramsey/Iwobi.

I wouldn’t play Laca with Auba. I think people have read too much into this alleged Auba x Laca connection. Such is Auba’s quality he links up well with pretty any forward player. I don’t think there’s anything particularly special other than a vastly superior player facilitating a great poacher and vice versa.

We don’t rely on need Laca to start anyway, a classic trademark of Emery’s system is that goals always funnel to the CF. I think there would be enough offensive talent on the pitch between front 4 I stated and the offensive-minded full backs to blitz teams in the final third.

I’ve mentioned it before, I don’t see the point of ever starting Laca and Auba. Only time I’d like them to be playing together is if we’re chasing a game and need extra firepower up front otherwise I don’t see the sense in increasing the injury risk to our back up who is going to be vital in the early stages of the EL and other cup competitions.

With Laca we have a great chance to have an effective rotation at CF without there being too steep a drop off in quality whilst negating the effects of Thursday night football.

I’m curious to see what we do with Lucas. I want to keep him, his sale value would be minimal there no real point in selling. I think he showed well during his first season here and would be a good rotation/EL option on the wing

Two CDM at the base Torreira + Elneny for me personally.

I’m concerned about Xhaka’s ability to evade the press, press effectively himself, ability to win balls and his awareness in the defensive third. What he’s shown so far doesn’t fill me with confidence but that could change with proper coaching.

I feel Elneny is better rounded as a CM than Xhaka, he does every you’d expect of a CM to a slightly above average standard and he’s very energetic which, I feel, would be lead to more efficiency in controlling the midfield. Emery’s typical CM pairing has always been unglamorous, well rounded, hard workers doing the dirty work in midfield.

I don’t want to see Ramsey in CM. Emery’s systems have never been designed nor relied on goals from central midfield.

I feel he can unleash his attacking qualities better as part of the front 4 at either AM or wing. His energy would be very beneficial wrt pressing from the from the front and he can still make effective runs but without the danger of abandoning his CM partner


We can still beat a dutch :kos2:


Dont mean shit till 1v1 rust brin it



Nice post. Dont agree with everything said but a lot does make sense mostly and well explained…:wenger:


Thank goodness Almunia was there to serve up an appetizer of shit with an entree of spicy shit.


Nice have signed Danilo. Opens the door for Seri to leave.



Nice, have always wanted this guy. He looks like an absolute unit too.


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you look like an absolute unit :henry2:


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How is Torreira doing? Is he coming or what?


Absolute unit.

Looks at that pic again

I am puzzled


That’s the joke, mate


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Didn’t even know we made a first bid? Haha


Don’t really rate him. He looks a pace merchant.