Summer Transfers Thread


Would be unacceptable to lose out to clubs with the financial power of Napoli and Dortmund tbh.

We should be able to vastly outcompete them, at least in the money stakes.


Fingers crossed.


Yeah, told you Napoli were still ahead for him. Let’s hope for a miracle.


Surely we’re a more appealing prospect than Napoli


They finished 2nd and just got Ancelotti as manager. I don’t know :mustafi:


It looks like he is there for the taking. He is literally spreading his legs screaming for us to take him


No idea who this guy is :slight_smile:


2.5m a year? Who does this guy think he is, Denilson in 2010?


We’re going to lose him to the Atletico Madrid of England


A midfield three of torreira, xhaka, Ramsey and attacking three of ozil, aubameyang and lacazette could be pretty interesting.

Edit: Also interested to see how Emery utilises players like Mhki, Iwobi and Wellbek. They all have qualities in their own way which haven’t really been utilised. And play in those in between midfield and forward positions which top coaches are using to instigate high presses and smother teams.

On the surface someone like Pochetino or Klopp or Guardiola could do work with this lot. Really really fucking hope we get just a smidgen of that under Emery.



How about you stop getting you little panties in a twist FFS??? Your inventing scenarios about losing out to this that and the other clubs from transfer rumours that we all know could be absolute bilge…

You all need to chill the fuck out and stop with the constant beratement of the club you profess to be fans of


MADNESSSSSS IS HAPPENINGGGGGGGG :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:




Remember Wenger has gone.
He was the most indecisive, dithering manager of any top club, and the obvious thing for him was to do nothing and persist with what you have.

We have a new manager and new recruiting staff, and we should see a change from our previous boring, predictable transfer windows, into something similar to what other top clubs do, like buying top players in positions we are weak in and getting rid of under performers.
Who would have thought that might work?

If we don’t, then Kroenke should follow Wenger through the out door as well.


I actually lol almost every time I read this. :joy:


I can’t wait to hear Paul Merson on Sky Sports try and pronounce all our new players names!


Ivan is gonna offer him 2.4 mil :wenger:


Is Torreira at the world cup?


Group A


He is from Uruguay :xhaka: