Summer Transfers Thread


The cagyar deal looks to have stalled tho


Just read that Napoli are still ahead for him.

Source: Gazzetta


Sampnews24 ahead of Gazzetta anyday bruv


Hope so.


Torreira looks decent especially for 25 mil - but I’m not 100% sure about this one.

I know has got a lot of you exited and he is a beast on FM but looking at his size I do wonder. Hes not a Kante and he is not a Carzola - to me he is a well rounded technically sound midfielder with what looks like a good engine on him.

We have those already and I still maintain we need an out and out destroyer next to Ramsey and Granit to free them up to do there thing, and he does not tick those boxes to me. I don’t pretend I’m an expert on Italian football so happy for others to enlighten me with there thoughts but I just feel we need to address the areas we have issues with before we get another “potential star”.

Thoughts anyone?


I don’t know much about the league but this stats look good.
P.s xhaka made 25 mustafi 48


My thoughts are just join us on the hype train. CHOO FUCKING CHOO :bullettrain_side: :train2:


Opinion invalid




Man I will be so pleased if we sign Lucas Torreira. A pitbull in the middle of the park. He is short, but a very strong tidy player. Will give us steel. He is two footed as well.


A combi of Kante and Cazorla. Couldnt ask for more !


This Cassidy fella looks worth a punt for a freebee…

Unbelivable tekkers



Nah, that’s the problem at the moment, we don’t have any quick technical players that can faultlessly dribble and pass their way out of trouble. Our midfield right now doesn’t pass and move like an Arsenal midfield should.

He’s also better defensively than any of our midfielders right now.


Fair enough - but as I said I don’t want a pass and move technical player as I don’t want any more tikki takka and neither does Unai its not his thing. Plus its madness to take on Pep at this with the players he has. I want a player who break up play and stop counter attacks to let out “slow untechnical players” such as Ozil, Ramsey and Granit" to do their thing.

Don’t get me wrong I like him but its not an area we have a gaping hole in.


Really hoping that this signing happens, not overly optimistic though.





Lads just fkin do it, sounds like this would be the best received signing we make since Alexis


If we cant beat a Seria A club thats not Juve in a transfer, we are officially done.


Get ready to stick the fork in, how do you like it, medium or rare?