Summer Transfers Thread


how reliable is this Sauce?


Torreira please, great age and great price.


Where the fuck is Ornstein? He’s been awol.

He has no right to take holidays in times like these


I’ve heard him mentioned for the last 4 years now but can someone actually tell me about him as a player?


Ear game is strong.


Press resistant, hugely versatile little midfielder that breaks up the play incredibly well despite his stature.

Reminds me of Verratti (similar height) and he’s also a passing maestro, super comfortable on the ball and chips in with a good deal of goals too. He’s damn near the perfect replacement for Santi considering how much he would cost when compared with what United paid for Fred, City will pay for Jorginho and Liverpool paid for Fabinho.


Not to mention the guy will put in the work without complaint or deviation from the tactical plan. Knows his role and does it well

Ideal player to occupy one the the midfield slots if we’re looking to press and regain the ball in midfield. Would be an excellent signing and smart business


Would easily be our buy of the window despite who we went after next.

It’s a damn shame we didn’t sign someone with his skill set rather than Xhaka, being as comfortable as he is under the press is worth its weight in gold.


Combine him with Xhaka’s passing range and ability, and you’ve got something saucy cooking.

But I don’t wanna get hopes up just yet.


I won’t believe it until I see it, makes way too much sense.

Binning off Wilshere and signing Torreira would be a masterstroke I’m not sure we’re capable of, one can hope though.


I’m still suffering some Arsenal transfer window PTSD when a player seemingly fits a team need very well, has a reasonable price in today’s market–I expect it to not happen. :facepalm:

Trying to be positive here…:giroud3:


back on the hype train, AGAIN.


Uruguayan shithouse incoming



Who are these random people reporting such big news? Don’t believe a word of it lol.


So are we thinking Sokratis as a replacement for Mertesacker and Cagyar as a replacement for Mustafi?


I’m conflicted. I really want the player at €25m but I don’t want to overpay an agent :thinking:

I’d say cave and pay the greedy fuck. Torreira’s value will triple in 3-4 years


its actually the local Sampdoria news ! now im fekin Hyped !!!


Roma have bought a lot so far. Don’t know if there is quality in it as well though.


Wow! What a signing he would be!


I only heard about him this season. And he is a classic destroyer. Pint sized but got aggression and tenacity.