Summer Transfers Thread


What has his squad management got to do with this?


His poor squad management and nonsensical approach to the market has handicapped this club’s ability to do major deals.

The only difference between us and Liverpool is the clear direction from the Manager. That has clearly been reflected in the smart business LFC have done since Klopp arrived


How do we know for a fact Arsenal are handicapped because of his squad management and not because this club is cheap? We, for example, have a rather small squad.

Firmino and Salah were smart value. But for Keita, Fekir and van Dijk they just don’t sit on their money and pay up. The three of them were 55+ million each.


So nothing to do with Liverpool investing more for over a decade, which has seen them have greater assets to sell and re-invest with.


Their biggest sells were a youth player and an Inter reject. I think you’re overrating them collecting assets. They weren’t.


We know for a fact because the worse aspects of this squad are directly linked to Wenger and his flawed ideals on squad management.

This club isn’t cheap, they’ll spend if the money is available. Wenger was heavily backed financially in the couple last years where there were few player sales to generate money.


They were spending shedloads more than us. Suarez was a huge sale before and his transfer to Liverpool was over 1.5 times our record at the time. And it isn’t just those, plenty of costly players have helped bring in funds for them.

As for Coutinho and Sterling, if you spend enough on bringing in countless attacking players some will pay off. Sterling ended up costing a 1/3 of our transfer record in the year they signed him btw.


Last season Arsenal got 100+ million back from players season. The season before that they spend 60-70 million. And now we’re at Sokratis and Lichtsteiner. I don’t think the last part is undeniably true.


Once again it’s all linked to poor squad management.

Last season we started getting rid of players because the squad was too bloated which indicates a extremely reckless approach to the management of the squad over the last 4 to 5 years.

16/17 we received £7.5m in sales whilst spending £90m+
15/16 we received £2m in sales whilst spending £20m+

Don’t say this club is cheap. We love spending money on average talent.

Only big money signing that looks like actual value is Auba. There are question marks around everybody else. We’d struggle to recoup what we paid for any of Laca, Mustafi or Xhaka, Over £100m worth of talent there

Wenger loves to hoard players because he doesn’t enjoy a high turnover of people in the squad and is loyal. Only smart sales last season was Theo, Ox, Giroud and Coq who all should have been shipped out ages ago and I won’t count Gab in that because we shouldn’t have signed him.

Wenger’s total indifference to the contractual situations of Ox and Alexis directly affected our ability to generate income from them. Woj’s deal was a total embarrassment too.

All we have is deadwood to help raise funds for major deals


anyway back to transfer rumors


Apart from those three players which players didn’t meet the expectations when we signed them and were considered bad value? It was clear as day Arsenal weren’t signing (potential) stars. It he bought five younger players with that money people would have complained still.

The incredibly inflated fees for Sterling and Coutinho are taken as standard I feel like. Whilst without that they business looks a little different.



This feels like the start of an FM career mode, where you’re tossing out enquiries and bids and scout reports left, right and centre


looks too skinny. Do not want.


Looks somewhat promising


Hopefully he isn’t like Seri and can adapt to inclement weather conditions


Great CB. I wish we got him.


Why are we still seemingly trying to sign CB’s?


I think because, since last season, we have sold Gabriel, Mertesacker has retired, Kos looks like he can’t be relied on and Mustafi might not be convincing enough for Emery as a starting CB, and he might even be thinking of selling him.

This means Chambers or Holding could be the CB partner for Sokratis, and with very little cover apart from Monreal.

We used to have great CB’s like Adams, Keown, Bould, Campbell etc, but since we moved to the Emirates we have rarely had a good CB pairing.
I don’t know what it is about this club, but we always seem to have problems in this position.


For a good few seasons Koscielny - Mertesacker were very good tbh. We got two FA Cups from it