Summer Transfers Thread




Apparently, Messi wants him and also PSG but I don’t believe in that,

For those who didn’t saw him yet


I’d wave a 200k contract at this bloke and pay the 25 million release clause and see if he is interested.

Slap in image rights and he can keep his family and kids local and in school - hell maybe even the armband…

Worked for Big Sol and great poke in the eye for spuds. Can’t hurt to call his agent? Go-on Sven my son…:):poldi:


Szczesny will be happy after being assured he would have been the first choice next season.


Don’t think the clause is active until next summer and he’s probably off to United anyway


Woj is going need another cig after hearing the Perin news.


Dude looks like a straight up stud on the dribble… trade for Ramsey?

I didn’t know he was capped.


Think Perin is likely going to start the season behind Woj and have to earn his place as number one which won’t be easy as the Juve fans really took to Woj.


Nice. Woj deserves his chance.




Juve have two goalkeepers I really like and they’re both of a good age – 25 and 28.

Meanwhile, we’ve just given the number 1 jersey to 73 year old Petr Cech, with the eighth dwarf as his back up.



Amazing that’d be a good move!! He’s a really good b2b midfielder who’s been one of the shining lights for the Danish national team and he’s impressed at every team he’s been at.


you sound really fed up, do you need a hug from giroud?


Chelsea will not go any further, they are looking at other things… Tottenham are looking at Morgan. Very much so. Arsenal are looking at him also, but I don’t know what Unai Emery will want.


Herzlich willkommen, Thomas. :sunglasses: BVB doing some business.


Fekir to have Liverpool medical in next 24 hours



I love Liverpool’s midfield and attack now after all these signings, that part of their tram is as good as Man City’s.


great signing, great player. hopefully it ends in fuck all for them lot.


Whoever is in charge of Liverpool’s transfer strategy is doing a great job.
They identify a weakness, or a player leaving, go after the best replacement, get great players, while getting their business done quickly and they’re not worried about spending big.


God damn Wenger and his poor squad management.