Summer Transfers Thread


Tbh I think a young exciting winger is enough for now, in attack.

We are stacked there, and badly need as many resources as possible focused on defence.



Ooooh I’m excited.


Does he still not have bad foot circulation?!


Yeah I remember him saying he has ingrown toenails and when it’s cold, he needs special treatment. So England may not be the ideal destination for him :see_no_evil:


Yea he suffers from chilblains which means he cant play or train during cold weather.


I’m sure Puma can knit him some extra thick socks.


Arsenal are in pole position to sign Pavón

Yes please. Add a couple more players like that and I don’t care who’s managing any more. Could be
Wenger’s daughter for all I care.


Meh. I want younger players. Current crop is good enough to win Europa League (without Atletico). We should look to buy players who will be very good in 3/4 years time.


Are you sure he is a footballer and not an old lady? :grinning:


:giroud2: @arsenal4thetreble time to stan Raul as well as Sven


Svengali and Sandalf, pulling off all kinds of magic and wizardry.


Do we have a Sven emoji? We might need one come summer


Should be this one :grin:


Agreed, now all we need is @Arsenal4thetreble’s approval.


How good is Seri?


Apparently his toes hurt when it’s cold and rainy.


Good thing Stoke are relegated, otherwise he surely wouldn’t make it on a cold rainy night there.


He looks like a drunk Scot :slight_smile:


If we bought him he’d immediately be our most technically sound player. He can play with both feet, I would say the closest comparison would be Santi Cazorla. Barca were after him but they couldn’t strike a deal and then they bought Paulinho instead. I think they were trying to lowball his club because shortly after the president basically said if you give us 40m he’s yours. Seri will be solve our B2B midfielder issues. Of course the only thing i’m Concerned about is the toenail thingy but he’s also been quoted as saying he wants to play in the PL so I dunno how big a deal that really is.