Summer Transfers Thread


Not selling Sanchez this summer 100% locks us out of a CL spot for years to come imo.


Losing Sanchez and Ozil on free’s sets this club back on so many levels, Mertesacker and Kosc are in their 30’s, Cech ain’t got long left in him and our midfield sucks.

How does this club still disappoint me?


That was likely going to happen regardless, although we’re looking at being set back at least five years losing him whether it’s for money or on a free.

IMO we’re done with CL qualification for the foreseeable future and even IF we do miraculously make it one year we wont make it for multiple seasons in a row thereafter.

The days of us being perennial CL participants are over.


Selling him, fine. Spending that money and the Ox money on only Lemar…FUCK NO.

Mahrez is going for 45m and Seri is there for 40m. Buy those two guys and we are in business, but we are fucking shit in the market so keep sanchez because we won’t be smart enough to do better.


“We tried”


Lemar contemplating the transfer like




We understand a deal to take Thomas Lemar from Monaco to Arsenal is now very unlikely.


Not selling Alexis is truly stupid given all that has transpired. Classic Wenger hubris and hope move, with no real plan.


Local newspaper Nice-Matin claim Arsenal never made a €100m bid for Thomas Lemar

— Tom Coast (@thcoast) 31 augustus 2017


Not sure it was ever likely to be honest.

Ah well it was a nice dream for 10 minutes


Nice Matin are grade A source, Sky made it all up :rofl:


Ohhh yes!!!



Rabiot would be an interesting move


How much longer can press manipulate Arsenal fans?


Another Wenger’s ITK.



Rabiot would be awesome but it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me from PSG’s perspective.


Really like him but can’t bring myself to believe ITK’s.

Doesn’t make sense considering PSG’s business so far and he’s finally been playing regularly too.


Late twist!