Summer Departures 2017

Fairly simple question really. How many first team players do you expect to leave this Summer and which ones will they be?

Let’s hear some thoughts, and include who you expect to depart from the club. Youth players can not be included in the list.

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Sell everyone and put their wages towards Ozil and Sanchez and Mbappe


Does Sanchez come under “clearout”? Because technically we’re not clearing him out, he’s clearing us out :sanchez2:

But yeah I fully expect him to be off, as well as this lot:

Debuchy and Jenks in particular better not still be on our wage bill come September!


That’s the list I’d make too.

Cross fingers and we could be getting upwards of £80-100m for them. No malo.

Wenger’s treatment of Joel Campbell is shocking. He could have easily performed the same role as Lucas last season


So you are saying we should sell Jenks to get Mbappe etc, You disloyal fuck he is Arsenal through and through…this is Corporal Jenks we are talking about here not some shithouse like Sanogo :santi:

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I would expect fringe players like Jenkinson, Debuchy, Campbell and Sanogo, if he is still here, to leave.

But if it’s first team players, I’ll go for around three or four, If you are counting Sanchez not signing a new contract.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Sanchez doesn’t sign a new contract and is sold.
Chamberlain, Gibbs and possibly Perez might be moved on as well, even though they are more than useful squad players, and Chamberlain could still be a very good first team player.

I would rather see Walcott go than Chamberlain, and I wouldn’t be to bothered if Ramsey went as well, as long as a world class midfielder comes in, as well as a world class striker.

But I’ll go for Sanchez, unless we are willing to run down his contract and let him go for free, Gibbs, Chamberlain and Perez to leave.

I’d like Walcott too leave. I’d like to believe him leaving would speed up the signing of another attacking midfielder/winger.

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[quote=“Phoebica, post:3, topic:1574”]
Does Sanchez come under “clearout”? Because technically we’re not clearing him out, he’s clearing us out
[/quote]Good point, I’ve changed the title to departures instead now :slight_smile:


That’s the minimum amount of players i expect to leave.

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Probably has more to do with Campbell not wanting to sit out another season. Also being paid Arsenal wages while enjoying the Portuguese weather isn’t too bad for him.

I fucking love Jenkinson. Really wish he could just do an Ox and give us a thread of hope. Meh.

If he and Wilsh go in the summer i might have to turn to religion or some shit. Damn you cruel world. WAS TEARING DIABY FROM MY FRAGILE HEART NOT ENOUGH!

It seems like you take a liking to overrated players. Ramsey is your guy than. He seems to go nowhere either.

I forgot about Cazorla.
He might go as well.

Didn’t he renew his contract?

I hope so.

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I’m curious to know what keepers we’re going to be left with still next season. Ospnia seems like he’s off. Szczesny I’d love to bring back but seems he’s going to be off permantely, which leaves us with just Cech, an unproven Martinez and an inexperienced Macey. We spent years trying to put together a solid pool of goalkeepers, and potentially in one summer, we could be looking a bit exposed for cover for my liking.

Perez, Sanogo, Debuchy, Jenkinson, Campbell & Sanchez & Ozil. I will say 7.